The Company

Established in 1989, Vestax Europe is a subsidiary of the Vestax Corporation that began in 1977 with the design and manufacture of electronic guitars. Today, as music making continues to evolve in this high tech age, we find ourselves swept into innovative sound developments such as signal processors, DJ mixers, professional turntables and CD players.

We consider turntables and mixers to be extension of instruments, and in some cases are instruments in their own right, such as "turntablism"

We are proud of our production system, that takes new ideas right through from an original concept to a finished product. This allows us to make it possible for many new and unique products to reach the marketplace without having to copy ideas or other manufacturers.

When our products are looked at for inspiration by other manufacturers, we feel our strengths are enhanced due to the attention our new products bring, strengthening our original goals in the pursuit of originality.