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Home Transferring

I can’t think of a more tiring and stressful thing than moving to a new place to live, all of your furniture and belongings have to be carefully packaged and transported. Recently I had to relocate and let me tell you it was a living hell despite the fact that I’m one of the most organized people. It took half a week to transport all the things place them in the new house and clean the mess. If you’re about to move into a new home here are some tips that I hope will help you.

If you’re moving into a brand new house built recently you’ll have less trouble because it will cleaned. In this case all you have to do is pack your things and transfer them there, but if we’re talking about an old house which has had inhabitants it is wise to thoroughly clean it before you move in. Although it will be easy since the place is completely empty I still recommend you hire professional cleaning company, because this will save you a lot of time.

Organize Your Belongings

Back to your old home you have a lot of work starting with the little things, like candles, souvenirs, jewelry, dishes, cups etc. Most of these things are fragile therefore packaging them should be done with extreme caution, after all you don’t want to part with them. I suggest you take a box for each shelf and write a full description so there is no mistake. Now is the perfect time to sort all your belongings and decide which one you’ll no longer use.

I’m sure that when you start emptying the closet you’ll find a lot of clothes for which have no memory. It is proven that if you haven’t worn a certain clothe for more than a year you’ll not wear it at all, therefore you can donate the clothes to those who need them more. The same applies for all the objects you dislike and have thrown under the bed or in some cupboard. Although you perform spring and autumn big cleanings there are a lot of things you neglect.

Now is the time to look thoroughly through the unneeded things and get rid if them, after all you don’t want to make a mess in your new home. Once you’re done with the small things it is time to take care for the bigger ones like the med, furniture, carpets etc. Another advice I can give you is to clear a room and place the fragile objects there, that way you won’t be worried about breaking them. In order to make the transfer a little easier you should deal with one room after the other.

For example start with the upper rooms like the bedroom, you’ll have to work the opposite way when you unpack. Keep in mind that you’ll have to clean both the old place and the new but since you’ll be tired after the removing the best solution is to hire professional cleaning company especially for the new home because of all the belongings you’ll have to be careful with. As for the old house you can easily clean everything because it will be empty.