I wasn’t very pleased that your team was late half an hour for our appointment, but it was worth it! My Persian rug has never looked better!

Mr. and Mrs. Birling

I was trying to maintain my carpets by myself. Unfortunately dirt was building up and I had no choice but to search for cleaning company. I was impressed with the results and pleasantly surprised that you use allergy safe products. Thanks again to your competent staff.

Mrs. A. Harper

I had lost all hope for my sofa, but your wonderful team managed to restore it! From now on I know who to call if I want my home cleaned impeccably!

Mr. Claude Bellman

It was such a pleasure to book your cleaning services! I'm amazed of what you've done – all the carpets are clean again and my rugs look like brand new which was a surprise for me and my husband. Thank you a lot for everything – I will use your carpet cleaning services again!

Emily Smith

After I got a cat the carpet in the living room got a few big yellow stains. The smell was driving me crazy and I was ashamed to invite anyone over. It’s a good thing I decided to call a specialist instead of dealing with it by myself. Your staff did a very good job and now my rug looks as if the cat has never stepped on it – clean and fresh!

Ms. Kourtney Kendrick

My little daughter usually makes a mess when she eats and this time she dropped her slice of bread and jam on the persian carpet. I immediately called for help and the next day your friendly and polite cleaners took the stain off. The only problem was they didn't find the correct address and they called me a few times to ask for directions. In the end it was all okay. They even gave me some tips on carpet maintenance.

Meghan Kay

Usually it takes time to choose a good cleaning offer, but this time was very easy. I found everything I want at the best price by Vestey & Axford Services. The cleaning team was fine, they cleaned up all the carpets and rugs, but they didn’t finish their work on time and I was late for my date with half an hour.

Olivia Wilson

I’ve been using cleaning services two times a year and usually I’m disappointed, because most of the companies are late, work too slow or they are not doing their job properly. This time everything was OK - the upholstery looks fresh again and all the sofas are clean. The guys were very kind and friendly but their machines were a little bit too noisy.

Mrs. Lewis

Last week I invited the guys over to play some poker and afterwards the carpet was covered with shoe prints and mud. I had no idea how to clean that. Your staff came to my address and saved the day. They had missed one or two small stains on the carpet and I had to show them where they were, but the boys removed them very thoroughly and the result was perfect.

Bradon Waters

My son had a really bad allergy reaction from the mattress in our new home. That is why I decided to use Vestey & Axford Services. The cleaning was very efficient - my son is sleeping well and the mattress is not causing him allergic reactions anymore. I think it would be better if the professional who comes could explain the process more detailed - he barely said a word, but anyways the result is great!

Jack Williams

I am amazed by the services you offer. I called to purchase carpet cleaning and I was very satisfied with every member of the team. The customer support adviser in the call center was extremely polite and informed. After that, the cleaners who came were on time, they were fast and the result was an impeccable carpet!. I would definitely use their services again!

Miss Jones

I was a little bit disappointed because the team was late 20 minutes - I am a very punctual person and being on time is one of the things I appreciate the most. That is why I was skeptical at the beginning, but after the cleaning of my dirty sofa was done I was able to see its original color again. Turns out I had a white sofa, not an yellow one. Thank you!

Leah Summer

This is the best service ever! The cleaners came to our house and cleaned the red wine spots from our carpet. Next time when I need cleaning service again I'll call them!

Elizabeth Naylor

The cleaners came on time, at 14:00 o'clock. I have 2 years old son. He was sleeping at that time, the machine was very noisy and woke him up. But the service was very good.

Mrs. Sharpe

The cleaners were not on time, but the service was perfect. They were very friendly and did their best. I'm very pleased and I'll use their service again.

Harley Chadwick