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Step By Step Home Cleaning Guide

Cleaning guideDo you ever wonder whether you are cleaning your home properly? Well, the truth is that there is no one right way, but there really are some specific steps which logically follow one another to make cleaning more efficient. Here are some of the tips in regard to the recommended steps to make cleaning more efficient, fast and not so tedious:

  1. Switch from zone cleaning to task cleaning. If you have been following a strategy to clean one room at a time, and only when you are done with it to move to the next one, you may have noticed that the work is going slower than you had planned. The truth is that if you choose the task-oriented cleaning method, you will be able to clean more in lesser time. This means to do vacuuming or dusting in all rooms and the entire house rather than do it all in just one room at a time.
  2. Start cleaning from the top floor, and if you have an upstairs bathroom, it is best to start there, so that you can store the cleaning supplies there are you move around.
  3. Move on the bedrooms or other rooms upstairs. It is always a good idea to create a pattern for cleaning a room so that you make sure you don’t miss anything. For example start from the left upper side of the room and clean any shelves and other items there and move to the upper right. Then move to the middle left and so on. You should end up at the down right corner of the room.
  4. When you are cleaning start with the dusting first. Use a microfiber cloth which you should dampen, and as mentioned start from the top left side. Don’t forget to dust the top of your wardrobe and artwork.
  5. Move to the fabrics in the house. Change the bed linen, make the beds, beaten and shake blankets, pillows and other fabrics. You can vacuum the upholstery.
  6. Clean the mirrors and windows.
  7. Clean the most used and touched items around the house, including remote controls, phones, thermostats, light switches, door knobs, handles of cupboards, drawers, fridge, etc.
  8. Move to the kitchen and bathroom. Walk through and spray all surfaces with your cleaning solution and then go back and wipe it off, scrub if necessary.
  9. Sweep or vacuum. Make sure you thoroughly vacuum and sweep the entire house.
  10. Wash the floors. Use a mop, a microfiber cloth or another cleaning tool. Give the kitchen and bathroom floors a nice scrubbing with a disinfectant, or if you prefer with a natural germ-killer made of water and white vinegar.