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Speed Clean Your Home On Valentine’s Day

So you’ve been going steady for some time now? It’s finally Valentine’s day and you want to make it perfect. You’ve booked places, you’ll eat something delicious and then go on to have the time of your life.

You get a call and your heart is beating with excitement. Only to find that the whole thing has fallen through. Your sweetheart has bought food and is coming over to your place for a cozy night in. But, you say, you haven’t had the time to clean! You’ve been too busy searching for the perfect outfit and making your hair look just right.

Don’t worry! You can still make your home look presentable with this tips.

The Bedroom


Source: Joss&Main

The goal here is to make the place look as clean and tidy as possible for zero amount of time. So first things first:

  • Bed – make your bed and hope you have recently changed the sheets
  • Cloths – gather everything you can find – clean cloths go into the wardrobe and dirty ones are thrown into the hamper; you don’t need to be perfect here, you just need them out of sight
  • Dust – quickly clean the dust from all visible surfaces like tables and the vanity
  • Cosmetics – you don’t want those rolling around, so order them in their respectful places

The Bathroom & Toilet – Act One

This is the one place you can be sure that your partner will visit no matter what happens. There are easy ways to get this room clean without spending too much time:

  • Toilet – first flush; smear your detergent of choice along the walls of the toilet bowl and seat; leave the detergent in
  • Sink – wet the surface with water and while it’s still wet rub in the detergent; leave it like that
  • Shower/Bath – do this one only if you have the time and think you are going to need it, otherwise don’t waste time; similarly to the sink first wet all the available surfaces and then rub in the detergent; let it rest
  • Floor – mop up the floor from any hair and dirt that might have been carried in here

The Kitchen


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Make sure that you don’t spend too much time in the other rooms, since the Kitchen is going to eat up most of your time.

  • Dishes – as soon as you enter do the dishes; you want them to be clean, so you can serve the tasty food your special half is carrying over; that and dirty dishes are just unsightly
  • Counters – once you’ve freed the counters up from the dishes clean them either with water, which is the faster option, or with the dish washing detergent that you need to wipe away with a clean, damp microfibre rag
  • Table – it also needs to be cleaned with either water or detergent, just don’t forget to wipe it away
  • Floor – use the vacuum cleaner to gather everything that has fallen on the floor, make sure to get the corners and nooks

The Bathroom & Toilet – Act Two

Do you remember all the detergent we left smeared in the bathroom? It’s time to wipe it away. Just wash the toilet, sink and shower/tub with hot water and you’ll see how clean everything is. You don’t have to flush the toilet, but you must clean the seat. All that is left is to mop the excess water from the floor and you are done here.

Living Room

living room

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You probably don’t have much time left by now, right? That is why we are leaving this room for last. Here you don’t have to do much, just take a look around and gather everything that can be put away. Fold away the table cover or replace it with a new one, gather any books or newspapers that might be lying around. Put away the blankets, as you won’t need them just yet. Look around for small things that are out of place.

What is this I hear? Someone is ringing on the door. You better answer. As you open the door you wonder why didn’t you hire regular maintenance, as your friend recommended?