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Secret Home Renovations And Other Adventures for Tenants

There are a lot of different reasons to live in a rental property nowadays. No matter what’s yours, it’s your right to try making yourself at home, despite you’re not the owner of the property. After all this is the place, you come after a long, exhausting day of work and you have to feel relaxed and cosy being there.

What’s Your Landlord Like?

Your landlord's reaction on renovating.

Your landlord’s reaction on renovating.

Ideally, you can come across to a reasonable landlord, ready to discuss your requirements for improvements – be it necessary or cosmetic ones. Unfortunately there are too many landlords who simply don’t seem to realise that in exchange of your rent, they have to provide you with some independence, considering changes and decisions assuring your comfort. They are ready to fight for every tiny change. They are terrified you’re going to ruin the place, despite the fact that conditions laid in tenancy agreement obligate you to leave everything in the same (good) shape you’ve found it.

Living In Lion’s Den, Or How to Renovate Without a Trace?

So, what if your landlord is a though nut to crack? What if you have to spend hours every time you have to convince him polishing shabby, scratched cabinet doors will only improve the furniture but not ruin it? Well, you have two options. The first one is more than obvious – running away from the damned place and its annoying master as soon as you can. But what if you don’t want to move out, because this is the most convenient location for you?

Stop asking for permission for every little fix you have to do. Reduce the conversations with your landlord – this obviously is beating a dead horse. May be he has nothing against renovating, in general, but just loves to argue? There’s no way to understand this before you check it. In a meanwhile, here is a short list of creative, safe and most importantly – reversible renovations.

8 Creative and Reversible Renovations for Rental Home

You will certainly feel better after doing these simple renovating and decorations; and if your landlord doesn’t approve, you can always turn things the way they where, without leaving a trace:

Adhesive foil is your best friend when renewing shabby furniture.

Adhesive foil is your best friend when renewing shabby furniture.

1. Revamp shabby wooden furniture – cabinets, tables and desks using adhesive foil. There is great variety of foils – colourful, imitating wood – cheap and easy to use.

2. Mask scratches on your hard wood floor, using concentrated black tea. Use several bags of black tea, and ¼ gallon of boiled water. Leave the teabags stay in the water until it cools, pour in a basket and use as a hardwood floor cleaner.

3. If the leaking tap makes you crazy, even more – you suspect that it is increasing your water bills there is an easy hack this problem. You can convert any bathroom or kitchen faucet to automatic one with simple auto-spout converter. It is easy to install and to remove it when you’re moving out.

You don't need nails to refresh boring solid walls.

You don’t need nails to refresh boring solid walls.

4. Seal loose windows. This problem is very common for many old building – all window frames are so old that you can feel the winter wind when being close to them. This is a serious problem that lowers energy efficiency in your home. If your landlord postpones this renovation endlessly you can try this : get old newspapers and crumple them into balls (not too tight) and put them into the loose crevice of the window. After this mask your work with nice decorating adhesive foil. This will also seal your work better. You can choose either wood-imitating foil or go with something bolder – after all you can always remove it when you’re leaving the rental.

5. No-nail wall art. You want to put your pictures or just framed pictures to make the place a little bit more cosy and appealing, but your agreements says “no holes in the walls”? Well there are several ways to do this. If there are wallpapers in every room you can use adhesive gum. They are being sold in every office or art supplies’ store. Take in mind, that adhesive gum is not appropriate for hanging very heavy items, but it’s perfect for framed pictures and posters. If there are no wallpapers you can simply use double side tape with strong glue – ask the shop assistant, they vary from light adhesive to strong.

Scruffy carpets definitely look better when cleaned.

Scruffy carpets definitely look better when cleaned.

6. Fix or strengthen drawers, broken furniture legs or other items around the house using silicone or transparent glue. It’s easy to use, you don’t need handy man for this and most importantly – this fix isn’t obvious, so you don’t need to tell your landlord about it.

7. Brighten up old stained carpets. You asked your landlord to remove that horrible, ancient wall to wall carpet and replace it with nice hardwood flooring but he doesn’t even wants to hear about it? The only thing you can do is hire professional company to thoroughly clean the thing. They have powerful hot-steam machines that may not make the carpet more beautiful, but will surely clean the stains.

8. If the upholstered furniture in your rental home get scruffy but you landlord is trying to avoid changing it you can simply buy or sew slipcoveres for your sofa and armchairs. If you don’t want to invest in sewing slipcoveres you can still use colourful blankets, covers and decorative pillows to freshen up the furniture’s appearance.

This is the difference between ugly old upholstery and slipcovered sofa.

This is the difference between ugly old upholstery and slipcovered sofa.

There are a lot of other reversible renovations you can do to improve your rental – masking old ugly chandelier with paper lanterns or veils, covering ancient, boring wooden furnishings with beautiful foil, and many more – just release your imagination and be one step ahead your grouchy landlord.