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Deep Carpet Cleaning in SE3 Blackheath


When first-class carpet cleaning is what you search for, we can deliver whatever amount is necessary! It may sound too confident, but you’ll find that our wide variety of professional services are exactly how we describe them – one of the best in Blackheath SE3. No matter if you need a routine, one-off or seasonal carpet cleaning, we can handle it. Call us now on 020 3746 4621 and get a free estimate.

  • Why Professional Cleaning?

    Treatments such as hot water extraction are not only very efficient at dirt & soil removal but their main asset is the fact that high temperatures perfectly disinfects the floor surfaces from bio-contaminants like germs, viruses, mites and even mould are wiped out immediately. By hiring our skilled cleaners you ensure a prolonged life for your persian and oriental rugs and get their bright appearance restored just like if they were brand-new.

  • Sofa, Mattress and Drapery Cleaning

    We are proud to clean your carpets and rugs in Blackheath SE3. It will make us even happier if you call to get one or more of our supplementary cleaning services such as:

    • Hardwood and Natural Stone Cleaning
    • Upholstery Cleaning
    • Leather Care
    • Drapes Cleaning
    • Stain Repellents

    Jump directly to our pricing page to see our complete list of home cleaning offers and the competitive prices and discounts we have for you. If you want to discover why we obtain such a great reputation among house owners and businesses in Blackheath SE3 go to our testimonials page.

  • How Do Carpets Get Dirty?

    Textile floor coverings like wall to wall carpets and oriental rugs could worth a lot of money to Blackheath SE3 residents. In fact, they can be one of the most expensive household items so they need sufficient maintenance in order to serve you many years without appearing scruffy and faded. At first, the dirt particles might land in the surface layers, but once you walk on them a few times dust particles and grime gets trapped deeper and it is much more difficult to clean.

    This is why our professional cleaners recommend that you vacuum your textile floors frequently and put doormats to reduce dirt absorption. Casual spills and stains, pet smell, insects, all these are just a few of the reasons why you will need professional carpet care.

Our Commitment to Quality

Vestey & Axford Services Ltd is established firm offering outstanding service in Blackheath SE3. The commitment to complete customer satisfaction distinguishes us from the rest and this is the reason for our success. Our skilled technicians have completed a lot of qualification and training programs allowing them to deal with the wide selection of textile and hard surfaces. Be it surfaces fabrics such as polyester or soft genuine materials like wool, silk and cotton our cleaners have both the tools and the knowledge to provide you with you a top quality service.

We offer both steam and dry cleaning procedures with which we will clean even the most sensitive fabric without any risk for carpet damage. In fact, we are so certain in our ability to offer high-quality services that we offer 100% clean assurance. In case you have any kind of critiques in relation to our work, you can simply contact us and we will fix the issue free of charge – No Questions Asked!

Don’t Miss Our Stunning Deals

It’s very easy. Just call us on 020 3746 4621 to book one of our proficient carpet cleaning crews. They will be at your address in no time. You’re getting a free quote and will have all your questions answered by one of our polite and informed support assistants 24/7. If you want, you can skip the call and use our book a cleaner online form. Stop wasting your valuable time and money! Call us for a high-quality carpet cleaning in Blackheath SE3.