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How To Remove Wax Stains Out of Your Carpet

Candle was stainsSpilled a candle over and now you have a wax stain on our carpet? Dealing with it safely isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, there are easy to follow, safe steps that will guarantee a spotless cleaning even on dyed candles and spillages on natural fibers. Materials like cotton and silk have hydrophobic molecules at the end of their fibers, meaning that the wax itself cannot bind with the fibers and will simply grip them. This is important information as it allows you to act whenever you have the time, with no danger of the stain binding to the carpet.

The brown paper bag method

This is a well known method which allows you to fully extract the wax out of the fibers of your carpet using quick intervals of high temperature to melt and transfer the wax onto a paper or a brown bag.

  1. Choosing the right paper bag:
  2. To properly do it, you’ll need to use a porous paper surface, this means that copier paper, or news papers are not the best choices. If it has a glossy surface it won’t work and might bleed its ink onto the carpet. A brown paper bag or a craft bag will be more than adequate for this method.
    Tare it from the handles to the bottom in a straight line, remove the two halves by cutting the bottom, this gives you one extra surface to transfer the wax on to.

  3. Finding a heat source:
  4. For a heat source you can either use a mixing bowl of how water, though you can’t regulate the temperature of the heat source, or you can opt for an iron. Modern irons have special cotton settings allowing their usage on natural fibers without the danger of fiber damage. If your iron isn’t as up to date, set it to medium low without steam.

  5. Do it right
    • Take on of the sides of the already prepared paper bag and place it over the wax
    • Place the pre-heated iron over the spot which corresponds to the wax stain beneath the bag – to ensure that you don’t transfer the newly extracted wax to a different spot of the carpet, place the waxed paper onto a damp towel.
    • Blot out the paper using the iron – don’t linger on one spot for too long or you might cause damage to the fibers.
    • A technique we’ve found to be quite effective and fail proof is one that uses the exact same materials: Place the end of the paper bag over the spot of wax, place the iron at the end of the paper bag and drag the bag itself while holding the iron in place. This should evenly transfer the wax on the paper bag, be sure to adjust accordingly to get all wax spots out. While dragging the paper, place it onto a damp cloth to make sure to wax is transferred over to the carpet. Repeat these steps until all of the solid particles are out.

  6. Remove the stain:
  7. If you were using a coloured wax candle, chances are there is some leftover colour where the wax deposit was. Even though you’ve removed the solid, there is still a memory of the spot. Use a detergent which specialises in removing dyes from the carpet. You may also use a damp cloth and place it over the stained area, gently apply pressure with your iron while using the steam feature. This should transfer the dyes over the damp cloth.

If you are uncertain, contact a professional and get a consultation or get them to clean it for you and learn from their work.