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How to Remove Chocolate Stains From Your Carpet

So your child spilled some chocolate on the carpet and now you have a mess that you don’t know how to deal with? No worries, there is a relatively simple and safe way of removing that stain and making sure that no trace of it is leftover. Don’t panic, follow our instructions and your carpet should be just fine.

What you need to carry out the procedure

chocolates stainsYou’ll need a carpet specific detergent or shampoo to make sure that no unwanted processes occur. While commercial cleaning solutions might work great, they are not stain or carpet specific and should be avoided.
You will also need:

  • A sponge
  • A butter knife
  • 3-4 rugs or a roll of paper towels
  • Ammonia
  • Distilled vinegar

You might also need some gloves, a liter of cold tap water, a bowl or jug/water bottle in which to mix and an open window during some of the processes of the cleaning. A heavy object such as a paper weight, dumbbells or even a book might also come in handy.

Process of Cleaning and Stain Elimination

It’s important to act as soon as possible as the stain will start to bind with the fibers immediately. Synthetic materials might make it easier to remove, while natural ones like sisal or cotton will soak up quite a lot in a short time span. It’s imperative that you act as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting.

    1. Scrape up any excess chocolate – use the butter knife or a napkin to remove the top layer, while being careful not to put too much pressure on the spot as it will drive it deeper into the fibers. The thing that binds the chocolate to the fibers is the fats in it. Animal and vegetable fats, which are found in all chocolate types, are hard to remove.
    2. Apply denatured alcohol – it is used to dissolve the stain and break its bond with the fibers. An alternative to denatured alcohol is surgical spirit.
    3. Take a white cloth and apply the spirit on it. place it over the stain and apply gentle, even pressure from the outside in. Periodically check to see if the stain is transferring onto the white cloth. Also check to see whether or not any of the dyes in the carpet are bleeding into the cloth. If you are getting colour bleeding immediately rinse the spot with cold water and reevaluate the process.

Cleaning Hack: For a more thorough extraction of the stain, use a ¼ of a spoon of the specific carpet shampoo and mix with a liter of cold tap water. Soak a cloth and use it to dab the mixture into the spot where the chocolate was. Remember to blot and not rub as rubbing will created friction and will tangle the yarn of your carpet, while it will clean the spot, it will leave a strange, worn out clean spot on your carpet. Use a paper towel to remove the leftover stain and moisture from the shampoo and water mixture. Blot in circular motions.

This procedure should remove the chocolate stain fully, but if it does not, use the ammonia mentioned in the begging. To create a solution, use 1 table spoon of ammonia to 1 liter of water. Then:

      • Stir
      • Transfer the ammonia over the spot – use a cloth to do this
      • Blot in a spiral from the outside in
      • Remove the ammonia and the stain with the help of paper towel
      • Apply some vinegar to neutralize the ammonia
      • Rinse with cold water
      • Dry with a paper towel

This should do the job nicely.