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Red Alert – Cleaning After Halloween (Part 2)

Last week we’ve posted here some tricks mostly on how to clean outside your home after Halloween pranks. And, as we promised this week we will share useful tips and tactics on cleaning inside. Now comes the time for a few easy tips on how to deal with the stains that usually remain after any Halloween party, besides food and beverage spills. For example make-up, confetti and hair products stains are some of the most common after-party mess.

Halloween Makeup on Upholstery and Carpet


Clean Halloween Make Up

Sometimes adults prepare more thoroughly for Halloween than kids

Usually when it comes to cleaning makeup from your furniture and carpets, face powder and eyeshadows don’t cause any problems – they are dry, so the solution is quick, simple and easy. Just run a vacuum over the spot and you’re done. Unfortunately with lipstick, foundation and other oil-based Halloween make-up things are different. Removing oil-based makeup stain from your carpet can be tricky task. To avoid spreading the stain first you need to take a paper towel and carefully dab the affected area to remove as much of the substance as possible. After this there are three options – you can use makeup remover product, rubbing alcohol or commercial upholstery and carpet stain cleaner.

No matter which product you’ll pick to clean with you should be really careful. Dab a small amount of the cleaner you’ve chosen on a small inconspicuous area and wait. If there is any risk from discolouration or deterioration of the fabric due to the chosen cleaner it will show up to 10 minutes. If the test spot looks ok, it is safe to proceed with cleaning the stain from your carpet (otherwise just pick up another cleaning product). Apply the cleaning product using washcloth onto the spot and blot gently – don’t rub! Rinse the cloth and repeat until there’s no makeup left on the cloth. Rinse the area and let it dry as usual.

Clean Glitter Easily from Rugs and Furniture


remove glitter easily from carpets and uphosltery

Wear glitter and be fabulous on Halloween

Glitter is known as really hard to clean party make-up, yet it is very popular to create some Halloween characters – fairies, princesses etc. But there is an easy way to remove it from the fibres of your carpet or upholstery. First you will need to vacuum really thoroughly the glittered area. Suck up as much of it as possible.

After this comes the real trick: take a piece of Play-Doh or other modelling material and use it to pick up glitter, confetti and other tiny particles that won’t come off easily. Some people use a sticky roller for pet hair removal, but unfortunately, stick rolls are not as flexible as Play-Doh and won’t help you to clean up hard to reach places and spots like creases of your sofa.

Clean Hair Products from Carpets and Fabrics


clean hair spray stain from upholstery and clothes

To get this hair do you will need a lot of hairspray!

In order to get some crazy Halloween look we often use a lot of hair products – gel, hair spray and even temporary hair dyes. If there is such stain on your sofa, or coat – don’t panic! Just act quickly, following these instructions:

For Gel and Hair Spray Removal

Instead of searching for specialised product for removing hair spray or gel, try this simple, yet effective recipe: Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid soap and two cups of cool water. Use clean cloth, soak it into the solution and blot the stain gently, as any other stain. After this use cloth, soaked into clean cool water to “rinse” the soap solution. Again – no rubbing!

For Permanent Hair Dye Removal

Permanent hair dyes are often used in Halloween dress-ups to complete their look. Hair dye stain on your carpet or upholstery, or even on your favourite blouse always looks like a disaster! But if you don’t leave the stain stay onto the fabric too long, there’s a good chance to clean it without a trace. You can use this home-made recipe to successfully remove the permanent hair dye from your carpet, upholstery or clothes. Mix 1tbs liquid hand soap, 1tbs distilled white vinegar and 2 cups cool water. Soak a clean sponge or cloth into this solution and proceed the same way as with hair-spray stain – blot gently the area, never scrub and rinse using cool water and a clean washcloth.

We hope that armed with these tips, your after Halloween party cleaning would be far less stressful! Enjoy the holiday!