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Red Alert – Cleaning After Halloween (Part 1)

cleaning your home after Halloween

The beautiful side of Halloween

Sure, Halloween is great fun for children from all ages. Yes, let’s admit it – we, adults, enjoy this celebration no less than our children! But after having a party party is over it’s likely to find your home in deplorable condition – there are eggs drying on your house’s walls , toilet paper all over the trees and bushes at the garden… Inside the mess is even nastier – food and beverage spills all over the place, stains of all sorts covering your floors, carpets, soft furniture and every possible surface… Sure, all these are signs the party was great, but party’s over and you need to clean your place.

Here is a short guide on how to clean up most common stains and mess like glitter, make up, chocolate, hair dye and even candle wax without a trace:

Your House’s Walls Have Been Egged


Cleaning Egg Stains

If you act quickly you can easily remove eggs from your walls. Use the garden hose to wet the affected area. Use cool water and try not to spray the egg directly because you will just spread the mess everywhere. Do not use cloth or sponge to scrub the mess, just let the running cool water do its job and and gently wash off the mess. If the eggs have dried during the night you’ll have to use warm water. This will definitely take more time but in the end your wall will be clean. If there is egg residue stuck onto the surface put a cloth, soaked in solution made of water and white vinegar (1:1). Let it stay like this for about 15 minutes and then rinse. 

Removing Toilet Paper and Silly String


removing toilet paper from treesToilet paper rolled over your trees and bushes is true nightmare because usually when you wake after the party morning dew has moistened and turned them into disgusting mash. The most important thing here – don’t try to clean it while it’s still wet! This task can never be completed! Instead use leaf blower to dry the paper. After this you can wrap a long stick with tape and roll it over the trees. As for silly strings – pick them carefully with your hands. If they are stick to your walls and windows use solution made from cool water and soap for easy removal. 

Quick tip: If you are a fan of green cleaning you can use soapnut liquid instead or ordinary soap – it is great for removing silly strings and it’s good for your skin. You can read more on soapnuts here.


Clean Messy Windows

cleaning messy windows after HalloweenThis is probably one of the easiest after Halloween clean-ups. All you need is your garden hose. Use cool or slightly warm water and let the jet wash away all the dirt. If you act right away this task will be even easier, but even if the dirt has dried you will be able to dissolve and remove it fast from the glass. If your windows are covered with some greasy substance, use rubbing alcohol to dissolve it and then proceed with water. After you’re done with the hose it would be nice finish if you use some  glass polishing product, or just use solution made from 1 part water and 1 part white distilled vinegar.

Smashed Jack-o-Lanterns

cleaning smashed pumpkins from outside your homeSometimes pranksters go really nasty and start smashing your decoration – the pumpkin lanterns that you’ve been carving all day! It’s really hard to remove pumpkins residues when they have already dried, so, as most of the Halloween messes – time is essential for the cleaning result. Remove the bigger pieces using shovel and wash off the residues with the garden hose. If you don’t react quickly the sun will dry your ex-lanterns in less than a day.

Remove Candle Wax From the Carpet

Removing-Candle-Wax-StainsAs you know it is pointless to try removing hot wax from your carpet or furniture. The only result will be burning yourself and spreading the wax, making the mess even bigger. So don’t spoil your party. Leave it like this and take care of it the next day, when the wax spill has cooled and hardened. Take a dull knife or spatula and slip it under the wax. Remove the bigger part and put an old cloth or paper towel onto the remaining and iron the spot carefully. The wax will stick to the cloth and your carpet will be impeccably cleaned.

Next week we are going to share how to clean Halloween make up, glitter and other nasty festive stains from inside your home.