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Steam and Dry Carpet Cleaners in Paddington W2


If expert carpet cleaning is what are you looking for, then you are at the right place! Our attention to detail is what distinguishes us from the rest and allows us to acquire a 97% satisfaction rate among countless clients.

  • Remove all furniture, to make sure that every inch of your flooring is carefully cleaned up
  • Work with top-quality professional cleaning tools supplied by Prochem for rapid and effective cleanse
  • Have our natural products, so you don’t need to keep worrying about dangerous vapours and residues
  • Offer 100% clean guarantee, simply speak to us if you have any notes and our technicians can solve the issue.
  • Brush your rugs and carpeting after the treatment to reduce the drying time
  • Put on Scotchgard coating, to be sure that spots are not going to return soon after our visit

With over a decade of experience in the area, our Paddington W2 carpet cleaners perform а vast array of domestic and business cleaning services seven days a week.

We promise you to deliver you the highest service quality possible. That is why you are going to receive 100% Quality Guarantee with each job we do for you.

  • Great Value for Your Money

    In case you have virtually any concern regarding our procedures call us back and let us correct the issue free of charge – no questions! The green detergents that we use, confirm the safety of your family and also pet animals because they contain only pure ingredients which evaporate completely and leave no residues or dangerous vapours. We are using top quality industrial machines provided by our partners – Prochem, this is why we are able to clean impeccably your rugs and carpeting better than any other company in Paddington W2.

    There are numerous reasons why you should contact us this instant. We believe these are a few more that will convince you that we’re the most excellent in the area:

    • The cleaning tools and products we employ are safe for your children, domestic pets and the Planet
    • All our cleaning gear and machines are brought by top rated manufacturers
    • You’ll be in a position to enjoy our array of recommended protective coating products
    • With every cleaning task we do, you have our 100% Clean Guarantee
    • You can assign us for a same-day service at no added cost

    You can head over to our Testimonials page to see what our customers have to say about us.

  • Why Professional Treatment?

    Methods like hot water extraction are not just very efficacious at dirt & soil removal but their biggest benefit is the fact that high temperature impeccably sanitises the flooring from bio-contaminants such as bacteria, microbes, mites and even mildew are wiped out instantly. By booking our knowledgeable crew you ensure a prolonged lifespan for your Oriental and Persian area rugs and have their vibrant appearance restored just like if they were brand-new.

  • Clean Carpets Are Important For Your Health

    Textile floors for example wall to wall carpets and oriental rugs may worth a lot of money to Paddington W2 residents. Actually, they are the most expensive household items and they require proper maintenance in order to serve you a long time without appearing worn or faded. At first the dirt particles can settle in the top layers, however, once you step on them several times dust particles and dirt remains caught deeper and it is much more difficult to clean up.

    This is why our qualified technicians recommend that you vacuum your textile floors on a regular basis and put doormats to reduce dirt intake. Casual spills and stains, pet odour, bed bugs and mites, all these are just a few of the reasons why you might need professional carpet care.

Take Advantage of Our Great Offers

Contact us on 020 3746 4621 to book a visit from one of our specialised carpet cleaning teams in Paddington W2. You’ll be able to get a free quote or book a blend of any of our cleaning services and a get big discount! For your convenience, our call centre works 24/7. You can call anytime you want and ask questions about our services, well-trained technicians and rates and deals. But if you like, you can get in touch with us through the online booking form. Get your carpet cleaned by our experts in Paddington W2.