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The Challenge of Cleaning an Oriental Rug

The thought of cleaning anything in my room makes me feel ill. Yes, even the slightest hint that it’s high time to clean the carpet or wipe the windows make me go crazy. However, over the years of living alone and taking care for myself made me realize that keeping my home fresh and clean makes my life better, makes me feel better and my home guests are always happy to visit my spotlessly clean home. But I can’t hide that cleaning sucks my vitality and energy in seconds. But I realize that I should better maintain my home furnishings in tip-top condition instead of buying new stuff every year.

The Challenges of Oriental Rugs

The Challenges of Oriental RugsTake for example area or oriental rugs. They are fantastic home furnishings that not only add style and touch of taste to your home, but they’re also practical – keep your feet warm in the cold, insulate your home and protect hard floor surfaces like ceramics, granite and hardwood. After I had to replace quite few area rugs for short period of time and spend lots of money on it, I decided to take better care for my home rugs and carpets. It’s just too expensive and stupid to fork each year hundreds, even thousands for new rugs while a basic cleaning regimen can keep them in tip-top shape for up to five, six or even ten years.

In case you don’t have loads of cash in your basement or don’t think it’s wise to spend so much on such trivial home furnishings then I hope my tips will help you keep your home rugs and carpets in better shape. Basic Cleaning It’s a three-step approach. I recommend you to start your cleaning regimen with routine vacuuming and then cleaning of any blemishes or spills with goods that are not harmful to the oriental rug fibres. Enhance the effect of your cleaning efforts with a specialist deep clean which will eliminate all deep embedded dirt as well as grime.

Professional rug cleaning should be performed every 8 to 12 months depending on the traffic and the specifications of your rug. Nip Dirt Right at the door. If you think about it it’s logical – most dirt comes from the outside. Make sure that you keep dirt from entering in your home and reach your carpets. In order to limit dirt from outside place outdoor and indoor mats. Ask family members and guests to the house to take off their footwear before entering inside. New air filters can also prevent dust and loose particles from settling on the floor which means less wear and tear.

Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic

Who wouldn’t try to retain the texture surface of their home carpet or rug? In such cases you better reduce the amount of foot traffic that your area rug or carpet get. Make sure to move furniture pieces around every now and then to prevent the wearing out of certain sections in your carpet if there is any furniture on your carpeted space. As a rule of thumb whenever your floor covering gets heavy foot traffic, the pile thickness is lost and for crushing of the carpet ensues. Some rug and carpet sellers specifically include crushing as covered in the manufacturer’s warranty. But if your warranty does not include crushing, then regular vacuum cleaning can help limit it.

Direct Sunlight

Sunlight Protect

Just like any fabric, your precious oriental rugs and domestic carpet should be protected from direct sunlight to keep its colours from fading. At the same time, byproducts of heating systems as well as the fumes from pesticides, cleaning substances and other chemicals found at home can also lead to loss of carpet colour. All in all, keeping your home rug in tip-top shape shouldn’t take much time or require great effort. If you maintain a regular cleaning schedule dirt and soil can’t accumulate and cause fibre damage. However, deep rug cleaning is absolutely necessary at least once a year because even weekly vacuum cleaning can’t extract all potentially harmful particles and dirt.