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How to Organize Party in Your Office

Today whole world is facing the consequences of the global financial crisis and many businesses are forced to cut their budgets, especially the smaller, newer companies. Sure you have to consider what cuts to make and choose by priority. But there are some easy decisions. For example : why don’t you organize your annual team building at the office, instead of going to some expensive place? Or even small Christmas party for your clients and business partners? Here are some simple guidelines that might be helpful for such project.

Choosing the Best Cathering Company

Of course, if you are on tight budget you can’t afford champagne or sea fruit cocktails, or at least not the most qualitative one. Searching for luxury cathering that is cheap is not the worst idea possible. As they say there is very high cost of low prices. You can come across rotten or just not delicious food. After all you don’t want to give your most important client diarrhea. Plus there are some people you just won’t impress with red lobsters and black caviar because they eat this every other day.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. This is why you can make a research and hire small local company. There are many people in this business that are trying to prepare original quality food in reasonable prices. Another useful tip is to buy alcohol from some store or big supermarket, instead of ordering it with the food.

Optimize the Space and Make Interesting Decoration

Before the party you can move some excessive furniture from the place, where your party is going to be. For example – you can make a big table connecting few desk and put the food there. Move the rest of the desks and chairs in some place where they won’t bother anyone. There are many smart ways to reorder the furniture and alternate any room’s appearance.

When you’re done with furniture you can put some inspiring decorations. There are some very beautiful and inexpensive items that will make your office party superb. Paper lanterns, candles, even a bouquet of flowers will magically transform your office into a nicer place.

How to Deal with the Cleaning After the Party

This is important thing to consider. At any cocktail or party usually are some incidents that you have to deal with. Sometimes there are food or drink spills, that are hard to remove especially on wall-to-wall carpets that are the most common flooring in every office. I assume that any wise manager would want to have a nice clean office no matter how important the party was. I suppose that the cleaning personal at your office building will handle with most of the work, but it is strongly recommended calling professional company to deal with the hardest stuff to clean.