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Professional Carpet Cleaners in Notting Hill W11


When you look for the best carpet cleaning provider in Notting Hill W11, call us on 020 3746 4621 because you have found the right place! Or at least, hundreds of pleased and happy clients feel so.

  • You can contact us and reserve a service at any time because our support works 24/7
  • We work on the weekends and even provide same day service
  • Our qualified carpet cleaning crew is completely trained and certified by NCCA
  • We operate with top professional machines powered by Prochem
  • We are so confident in our ability to deliver great service, so we provide total cleaning assurance
  • Combine a couple of our high-quality services and receive up to 10% cut price deal

You can expect us to provide you with efficient and reasonably priced carpet cleaning methods to all kinds of issues – set-in stains and blemishes, embedded dirt and lingering, bad odours. In addition, we’re able to quote you an incredibly attractive price for all this!

  • Vestey & Axford Services – Expertise Second to None

    Vestey & Axford Services is established provider offering a first-rate service in Notting Hill W11. The desire for comprehensive customer satisfaction distinguishes us from the others and it is the trigger of our success. Our competent technicians have taken a lot of qualification and training courses allowing them to handle variety of textile and hard surfaces. Be it floors fabrics such as vinyl or soft natural textiles such as silk, cotton and wool our cleaners have both the tools and the knowledge to provide you with you a high-quality service.

    We offer both steam and dry cleaning treatments with which we can clean even the most delicate textiles without any possibility of carpet damage. As a matter of fact, we are so certain in our ability to deliver excellent services that we offer 100% clean guarantee. If you do have any remarks in relation to our work, you can just speak to us and we will deal with the issue for free – No Questions Asked!

  • Why Regular Maintenance Is Needed?

    Textile floor coverings for example wall to wall carpets and oriental rugs can cost a lot of money to Notting Hill W11 residents. The truth is they can be one of the most expensive household items and they require proper care in order to serve you a long time without looking worn or faded. Initially, the dirt particles can land in the top layers, however as soon as you walk on them several times dust and soil remain caught deeper so it is much harder to clean up.

    That is why our professional cleaners recommend that you vacuum your textile floor surfaces regularly and use doormats to reduce dirt absorption. Casual spills and stains, pet odour, insects, all these are just a few of the reasons why you might need professional carpet care.

  • Why Professional Cleaning?

    We, as professional carpet cleaners, know what’s happening to your carpet’s fibres when they’re besieged by grime and soil – they are surely decimated. Over time your carpeting rips and wears out until you finally have to spend a bunch of money to buy another. However, it doesn’t need to be like this. You change your automobile engine oil on a regular basis, so you don’t change the engine or buy another one every year? You can do the same with your home carpets – call in a specialist steam cleaner at least once per year to have a clean, good-looking carpet for years to come.

Contact Our Cleaners Today

The finest carpet cleaning in Notting Hill W11 is only a phone call away on 020 3746 4621! Call one of our courteous and well-informed support assistants and take a free quote. You can arrange a service in next to no time and take advantage of a clean carpet right now! On the other hand, if you wish to go without all this, simply fill our on-line booking form. Don’t delay, but start saving money with our great offers on multiple service packages!