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Miniature Garden

Are you plant lover? Do you want to see more green around your home? This article will explain the technique used to make your own mini Eco-system in a bottle. I can assure you the result is more than satisfying and once you’re done with it, you don’t need to take any additional care. The Eco-system is self sufficient. A garden like this can last a very long time, if you don’t believe me search the Internet. There are plenty of articles about a man who’s garden is fifty three years old.

What Do You Need For Your Mini Home Garden

There are who ways of making a miniature garden, one is to seal it and hope it will grow on it’s own the other is to take care for it. Keep in mind that it is not sure the sealed garden will survive, so I recommend you start with an open one. Here is what you’ll need in order to grow your own plant in terrarium: a big enough bottle with big opening, appropriate soil and small enduring plant. Later on I’ll give you the names of some suitable plats.

By Genevieve Gail, via Home Chunk; Recyclart

By Genevieve Gail, via Home Chunk; Recyclart

So after you’ve chosen the right jar or bottle and thoroughly cleaned it you can start collecting soil. It has to contain dead leaves, maybe a little worm if the jar you’ll be using is big enough. The worm will make sure the soil has air and the needed manure. Here is how you can make up the perfect soil for your terrarium. You’ll need soil form the back yard, some sand, little pebbles, some dead leaves and a little clay.

I recommend you ‘clean’ the soil, apply little solutions against bugs, but not much otherwise you’ll end up with a sterile soil in which nothing will thrive. So you’ve cleaned the jar and the soil, now it is time to place the seeds or the ready plants inside. It is better to start with seeds and let them grow inside the soil. Once the plants have grown you can seal the bottle and turn it in to a self sustaining ecosystem.

While the jar is open place a thin piece of cloth to prevent any bugs form getting in and killing the little plants. Also you shouldn’t place the jar under direct sunlight because glass refracts light magnifying it. Of course this doesn’t mean you should place the jar in some dark place. Don’t forget to clean it often, after all it will be a decoration and you don’t want dust on it. Now here is a list of plants you can use to make your own mini garden:

Asparagus Fern – Protosaparagus setaceus

Artillery Plant –Pilea microphylla

Source: Arria Belli

Author: Arria Belli

Baby Tears – Soleirolia soleirolii

Wintergreen – Gaultheria procumbens

Button Fern – Pellaea rotundifolia

False Aralia – Dizygotheca elegatissima

Golden Pothos – Epipremnum aureum

Ivy – Hedera helix

Miniature Peperomia – Pilea depressa

Shamrocks – Oxalis oregona

Of course there are many more plants that require different amount of sun, water and different temperature, therefore it is better to go to a flowers shop and ask there. Whatever you decide to purchase make sure you thoroughly clean once you’re done with the planting.