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Expert Carpet Cleaning Service in Kentish Town NW5

We are expert carpet cleaning company in Kentish Town NW5, London with more than ten years of experience in the industry.

  • Free viewings
  • Special cleaning methods for every type of carpet/upholstery
  • 24h customer service
  • Quick and efficient customer service
  • Professional equipment & detergents provided by Pro-chem

We provide wide range of treatments, which will make your home a cleaner, better appearing and a healthier place for you and your family.

  • Why Vestey & Axford Services?

    We have a crew of properly qualified specialists motivated to offer premium quality service at all circumstances. Our courteous assistants stick with the strict company etiquette to make sure that every service is managed in accordance with our high criteria. Our Kentish Town NW5 technicians are skilled in the strongest cleaning procedures in the field, so feel free to turn to them for cleaning advice. We are certain that our technicians will choose the proper technique and deliver excellence, for this reason, we give 100% clean assurance.

  • Variety of Domestic Cleaning Services

    Additionally to our great hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning services, our experienced technicians are able and certified to provide a wide range of supplementary domestic and commercial cleaning services, such as:

      • Upholstery Treatments
      • Hardwood Floor Care and Restoration
      • Curtain Cleaning
      • Window Blinds Cleaning
      • Patio Cleaning

    To get a full overview of the services we offer in Kentish Town NW5, go to our pricing page. There you can easily have a quick glance at our reasonable rates as well.

  • Clean Carpets Are Important For Your Health

    If you enjoy the warmth and cosiness of a carpet in your house, you need to know that there are billions of ways it can get grimy. Daily use, accidental spills and tracked-in mud and soil are merely a few of them. Nonetheless, no matter how dirt and dust enter your home and finds its way down on your carpet, the results are usually the same. It gets trapped into the carpet fibres. With time the amount increases until the carpet can take no more and it’s it is time to be deep cleaned.

Reasons Your Carpets Need Professional Treatment

We, as expert carpet cleaners, realise what’s happening to your carpet’s fibres when they’re besieged by grime and soil – they are destroyed. Over time your carpeting tears and wears out until you have to spend a bunch of money to buy another. However, it doesn’t need to be like this. You change your automobile oil on a regular basis, so you don’t replace the engine or buy another one every year? Try the same when it comes to your carpets – contact an expert steam cleaner at least once a year to enjoy a clean, gorgeous carpet for years to come.

Contact Our Cleaners Today

You can benefit from our amazing cleaning deals in Kentish Town NW5 by calling us on 020 3746 4621. The lines are opened 24/7 for your convenience and our friendly assistants will respond to all your questions and offer you a free estimate. If you want you can use the chat box to write to us or fill up our online reservation form to set a date for a service.