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5 Quick Tricks to Make your Home Look Cleaner

home123I’m sure you’re a responsible housewife who keeps the home sparkling clean, but sometimes time isn’t enough or you’ve decided to postpone the cleaning and by the laws if Murphy someone will come on a surprise visit. I’m sure you’ll find a way to clean everything, but there aren’t many women who stay at home managing the household.

Nowadays both men and woman work hard all day five days a week and nobody likes spending the whole weekend cleaning the home.

So, what to do when time just isn’t enough and the house has to be in perfect condition or at least it has to look that way. This is your key – had to look, there are some techniques which give the illusion of a really clean and tidy house without much effort form you. I don’t recommend you transform this into a routine, all of the next tips are gust in case you have no alternative and no time to hire professional cleaning company to do it for you.

No clothes on the sofa

Time is essential so you can multitask and get some help from other family members. First of all if you have any clothes in the living room or any room which the unexpected guest will visit, make sure you hide them well. In fact, gather everything and place it in the wardrobe or in the laundry room if they’re dirty – you’ll have time to clean and sort them later. Continuing with cleaning the mess in the rooms – get a basket and place every magazine and mail inside.


Remove the spots from the furniture

You can either toss it in the basement or place some of the magazines in the living-room near the sofa or the table. Remove any visible spots form the furniture and the table if possible, for these cases it is a good idea to have a multipurpouse cleaning solution. If you’re thinking of changing your furniture soon, I recommend that you get leather one because it is the easier to clean and maintain. Make sure you vacuum the carpets and rugs.


Clean the floor

If you have hardwood flooring the task will be easier because all you need is a damp mop to wipe any dirt and dust. I’m not sure you’ll have enough time to remove the dust form all surfaces so pay attention to the visible ones. Moving on to the kitchen, which is the first place mothers-in-law prefer to visit and criticize you. If you’re in such situation and you don’t have a dish-washing machine, take care for the dishes first.


Don’t forget the bathroom

The bathroom is another important place you have to spare a few minutes for. As you well know it is very important to keep the bathroom clean because there are really a lot of germs there. This might take a while so if you can give this task to someone else. For the final touches you’ll need air freshener and aroma candles. I hope you’ve opened the windows so fresh air can come into the room, but ion case you weren’t sprinkle some freshener and light the candles.


Arrange your shoes

A final look for spots, arranging the shoes and you’re ready to welcome the unexpected guests. I personally recommend that you hire professional cleaners if there is enough time because they know how to clean the house extremely fast and effective. Believe me, I had to use their services once when my mother-in-law decided to give me half a day notice before she was coming on a visit.