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Professional Carpet Cleaners Holborn Viaduct EC1


When looking for a high-quality rug and carpet cleaning in Holborn Viaduct EC1, trust our experienced technicians. No matter if you want to clean a big, wall-to-wall carpet or need assistance with a delicate woven Persian rug. Our expert carpet cleaners have all it takes to perform any task successfully. All of them are extensively trained, insured and hold certificates from leading industry associations. Confident in our abilities and commitment we urge you to call us on 020 3746 4621 to enjoy a true cleaning service.

Vestey & Axford Services in Holborn Viaduct EC1

Besides, using the finest carpet cleaning tools there are on the market, there are a few why you should call us:

  • Our professional cleaners are some of the most qualified and well-trained in the business
  • We work only with eco-friendly, pet and child safe cleaning products
  • Your carpet will benefit from a additional Scotchgard™ protective coating
  • You have our total, 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Same-day arrangements come at no extra charge for you

Naturally, we prefer other people to rate our professional carpet cleaning services in Holborn Viaduct EC1. That is why, if you go to our reviews page, you’ll have the opportunity to read what previous customers have said regarding our superb cleaning outcomes and great standards of customer care.

Take Advantage of Our Great Offers

The finest carpet cleaning in Holborn Viaduct EC1is only a phone call away on 020 3746 4621! Call one of our courteous and well-informed support assistants and get a free quotation. You’ll be able to arrange a service quickly and enjoy a clean carpet even today! Alternatively, if you want to skip all of this, just use our on-line booking form. Don’t delay, but start saving your money with our great offers on multiple service packages!

Why Us?

We offer you wide spectrum of carpet cleaning procedures in Holborn Viaduct EC1, nevertheless, our secret method is that we always examine the rugs and upholstery to be able to apply the most appropriate course of action. We as well:

  • Move furniture, to make certain that every inch of your floor is impeccably cleaned
  • Use top-notch specialised cleaning machines supplied by Prochem for rapid and successful cleanse
  • Have our natural cleaners, so that you don’t need to concern about toxic vapours and residues
  • Give 100% clean guarantee, simply call us if you have any notes and our technicians can fix the issue.
  • Brush your area rugs and carpets after the treatment to shorten the drying time
  • Use Scotchgard protection, to ensure that spots cannot come back soon after our visit

Why Professional Treatment?

Over the years in the business of cleaning we have realised one important thing – there is nothing better than regular carpet maintenance. Things such as a weekly vacuum clean and immediate treatment of stains will make miracles for a better-looking carpeting in your house. However, vacuuming and do-it-yourself cleaners mixed from baking soda or vinegar remedy deal with the situation only temporarily. If you really want to deep clean your domestic carpeting, you really need powerful professional cleaning tools. Like the ones we work with.

Why Regular Maintenance Is Needed?

Textile flooring for example wall to wall carpets and oriental rugs may cost a lot of money to Holborn Viaduct EC1 residents. In fact, they can be one of the most expensive interior items so they require sufficient care in order to serve you many years without appearing scruffy and faded. At first, the dirt particles may settle in the surface layers, but when you walk on them a few times dust particles and soil remain caught deeper and it is much harder to clean.

This is the reason why our experienced cleaners recommend that you vacuum your textile flooring frequently and use doormats to minimise dirt absorption. Accidental spills and stains, pet odour, bed bugs and mites, all these are just a few of the reasons why you might need expert carpet care.