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Hard Floor Cleaning Services in SW9 Stockwell


Hard floors are a treasure in your house that requires constant care and attention. No matter if you have expensive hardwood floors or a more modest laminate flooring. In both cases, it’s an investment in your home value and family comfort. contact us now on 020 3746 4621 and be sure that we will take care for all of your floor cleaning needs in Stockwell SW9… and you’ll be able to save quite a bit with our deals!

Why Us?

We know well that we are not the only one offering discounts but how many other firms can offer the first-class of results you look for your hard floor surfaces? Bet there aren’t a lot of real hard floor cleaning firms able to match our professional service. Consider as well a few more benefits you’ll enjoy when booking our natural stone and wood floor cleaning services in Stockwell SW9:

  • Highly experienced and dedicated team
  • High-quality hard floor cleaning tools and environmentally friendly solutions
  • The 100% Clean Guarantee
  • Convenient, weekend and late evening time-slots
  • Fixed prices at no additional charges

Committed to Excellence

Vestey & Axford Services is a well-known brand for many residents of Stockwell. We are a local service business with over a decade of presence on the market. Over the years our talented floor cleaners have gained a reputation for reliability, excellent results and endless dedication to our valuable clients. True experts work with the latest, most advanced tools. So, we do. Furthermore, our company cares for your health and well-being and all our cleaning aids are eco-friendly, child and pet safe.

Book Our Cleaners

Contact our expert crew right now on 020 3746 4621 and get your free, no obligation quotation. You can call us 24/7 and ask us about anything regarding our skilled hard floor cleaners, formulas and equipment we use or even about our additional cleaning services. Alternatively, you can use our request-a-service online form. Either way, you choose, you’ll get the same first class of customer care. Guaranteed by Vestey & Axford Services in Stockwell SW9!

Hard Floor Cleaning & Restoration Stockwell SW9

Whenever you spend money on the trivial home improvement project, you make a little contribution to its value. However, when you install an expensive hardwood or marble floor in your home, you put in quite a lot of money. It could be a great blow to your budget if you fail to take appropriate attention and protect it. Although hard floor surface is a lot simpler to maintain than a carpet, it needs a professional touch at least once a year. If you live in Stockwell then just give us a call and see what we have to offer!

How Our Cleaning Works?

We have created a thorough 6 step hard floor cleaning process with only one purpose – to provide you with a perfectly clean floor in Stockwell SW9.

  • Your area is examined closely by our professional cleaners and places of concern are indicated
  • Our technicians continue with removing surface dirt and dust
  • Next step modern cleaning tools are utilised to wash out deeply trapped dirt and soil within the floor
  • Hard to clean corners are treated manually
  • Blemishes and stubborn to remove stains get an extra bit of treatment
  • In the end, our floor technicians apply special solutions to neutralise cleaning agents.

As a result of our and dedicated work, you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastically finished and amazingly looking professional.