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SE1 Waterloo Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floors are a unique addition to any home. It doesn’t matter if you benefit from the comfort of a large residence or the cosiness of a small flat, a hardwood floor will make it look gorgeous. Alternatively, if you care to be more practical on your investment, engineered hardwood or laminate floors are easy to maintain and clean. But, sooner or later you’ll need help from an experienced professional to extract trapped dirt within the floor. In such case, don’t hesitate to call our company for Hard Floor Cleaning in Waterloo SE1 on 020 3746 4621!

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Get in touch with our skilled staff right now on 020 3746 4621 and get your free, no obligation quotation. You can reach us 24/7 and ask us about anything regarding our skilled hard floor technicians, products and equipment we use or even about our other cleaning services. If you prefer, you can fill out our request-a-service online form. Either way, you choose, you’ll get the same first class of customer care. Guaranteed by Vestey & Axford Services in Waterloo SE1!

Who We Are?

We, at Vestey & Axford Services, have been the favourite choice for hundreds of homeowners and businesses in Waterloo SE1 for over a decade now. Our professional hard floor cleaners have gained a credibility for unmatched clients care, superior results and expertise which they are simply too happy to share with you. What’s more, they work only with ingenious floor cleaning gear and eco-friendly solutions and finishes.

Reasons to Choose Us

We’ll give your hard floor more than any other company can. With long practice, modern tools and effective cleaning supply our floor technicians will make it look fantastic for a long time to come. What’s more, we also consider you and have added a few benefits to our deal:

  • Complete 100% Clean Guarantee
  • Green, yet powerful cleaning solutions
  • Fixed quotes, no additional charges
  • Highly-qualified and experienced floor cleaners
  • Convenient for you, on day appointments

Hard Floor Cleaning & Restoration SE1 Waterloo

One thing we have realised through the years in the hard floor cleaning business is that frequent cleaning and maintenance are vital in order to keep your home nice and clean. Furthermore, the installation of hardwood or stone floors doesn’t come low-priced and failing to maintain it in good condition may lead to significant expenses in the future. That is the reason, we provide you with a solution that will help you save a ton of money as your hard floor surface looks at its best!

Step by Step – Hard Floor Cleaning

We have made a thorough 6 step hard floor cleaning process with only one purpose – to provide you with a perfectly cleaned floor in Waterloo SE1.

  • The flooring is examined closely by our professional cleaners and places of concern are indicated
  • Our cleaners continue with removing surface contaminations
  • Next step modern cleaning tools are utilised to wash out deeply trapped dirt and soil within the flooring
  • Corners difficult to clean are treated manually
  • Blemishes and stubborn to remove stains get an extra bit of treatment
  • At last, our floor technicians apply special solutions to neutralise cleaning agents.

As a result of our and dedicated work you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastically finished and amazingly looking hard.