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Hammersmith W14 Professional Hard Floor Cleaners


A hard floor is a beautiful addition to our home. Hardwood and marble, two refined examples, provide your house with a luxurious feel and look. On the other hand, a wide range of engineered wood choices and laminate are quite easy to maintain, yet providing something to your interior appeal. No matter what kind of hard floor you have chosen for your home, it needs regular and proper care to maintain it bright and in good shape. We will help you with all your hard floor cleaning requirements in Hammersmith W14. Contact us on 020 3746 4621 and we’ll tell you more about our fantastic service in Hammersmith W14.

Why Choose Us?

We’ll give your hard floor more than other companies can. With years of experience, modern machines and effective cleaning supply our floor technicians will make it look fantastic for a long time to come. What’s more, we also consider you and have added a few benefits to our deal:

  • Complete 100% Clean Guarantee
  • Green, yet powerful cleaning solutions
  • Fixed quotes, no additional charging
  • Well trained and experienced floor cleaners
  • Convenient for you, on-time appointments

Contact Us 24/7

Give us a call on 020 3746 4621 and get an outstanding hard floor cleaning results. You can reach us 24/7 to book a cleaner and get your absolutely free quotation. Our friendly operators will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding hard floor cleaning treatments, products and our insurance and certification policy. Don’t lose any more time and money, but book us today for a clean and cosy home!

Following High Quality Standards

We have made a thorough 6 step hard floor cleaning process with only one aim – to provide you with a perfectly cleaned floor in Hammersmith W14.

  • The floors are examined closely by our expert cleaners and spots of concern are indicated
  • Our cleaners continue with removing surface dirt and dust
  • Next step modern cleaning equipment is utilised to wash out deeply trapped dirt and soil within the flooring
  • Hard to clean corners are treated manually
  • Blemishes and stubborn to remove stains get an extra treatment
  • Finally, our floor cleaners apply special products to neutralise cleaning agents.

Hard Floor Cleaning & Restoration Hammersmith W14

Perhaps you are aware that the better you take care for an item, the longer you’ll be able to benefit from it. It’s the same for your hard floor, too. When you install new wood or marble stone in your house, you not only make your home more beautiful and comfortable, but you as well make a serious investment in its resale value. Just let our expert laminate and marble technicians take care for your home and ensure it looks at its best!

Excellent Reputation

We, at Vestey & Axford Services, have been the preferred choice for countless homeowners and companies in Hammersmith W14 for longer than a decade now. Our professional hard floor cleaners have a credibility for unequalled clients care, superior results and skills which they are simply too happy to provide you with. What’s more, they work only with state-of-the-art floor cleaning tools and eco-friendly solutions and finishes.