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5 Ways To Clean With Lemons

There are plenty of ways to switch the chemical detergents with a healthier cleaning solution. You don’t need to tolerate the sting in your eyes and no more dry hands. Last week we discovered how amazing coffee is and I got inspired. I started thinking: soda and vinegar are pretty popular solutions, but they can’t be the only ones. There …Read More

10 Ways You Should Be Using Coffee Right Now

I love coffee. Coffee is the cure it all, work it all out remedy. If something can’t be fixed then add more coffee. Sooner or later it will straighten out. As a matter of fact I had a cup of coffee before I started writing this article. The beauty of coffee is that it can do anything. It doesn’t simply …Read More

How to Clean Your Oven Like a Professional

The holidays are over and they have probably left their mark on your home. Do you remember the delicious Christmas dinner you prepared? You don’t want any of it lingering in your oven. You will find out that the next meal you prepare might not have the taste you expected. The solution? Some extra time spend scrubbing. Why Should We …Read More