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5 Cleaning Applications For The Modern You

Do you have applications on your smart phone? Maybe you have Bubble-wrap that gives you the satisfaction of actually popping bubbles. Maybe you have the SimStapler that lets your enjoy the feeling of stapling on. As entertaining as those apps are how will they help you in life? Stress reduction is fine, but some times we just need to get …Read More

10 Ways To Use Salt Like a Pro

Is salt good for you? Yes? No? Maybe? Salt is good for your home. So keep a pack in your cupboard and take it out every time you need to clean. It does wonders and might just be the new baking soda. Don’t believe me? Read on, ladies! 1. Make Silver and Copper Items Shine You probably have at least …Read More

5 Ways To Clean With Lemons

There are plenty of ways to switch the chemical detergents with a healthier cleaning solution. You don’t need to tolerate the sting in your eyes and no more dry hands. Last week we discovered how amazing coffee is and I got inspired. I started thinking: soda and vinegar are pretty popular solutions, but they can’t be the only ones. There …Read More