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Go Green When You Clean – Part 1


Green cleaning is safe for your health

Green cleaning is safe for your health

Commercial household cleaners are not only expensive, but also contain many highly toxic chemicals, which can harm you and your family. There are countless articles and researches from medical laboratories all over the world, proving that commercial cleaning products are dangerous for our health. They can cause various problems – from skin conditions like irritations and allergies to much more serious conditions – respiratory problems, asthma and even poisoning.

Natural Cleaning Agents for Your Home

There are a lot of commercially available eco-friendly and safe detergents and solutions but they often are quite expensive. Luckily certain natural have the same powerful cleaning properties as commercial ones.


Salt has powerful de-greasing properties

Salt has powerful de-greasing properties

Salt is a mineral and it can be found literally everywhere in the nature. Sodium chloride – the cooking salt is a crystaline powder-like substance known to dissolve effectively any kind of grease and oily stains.

You can use salt instead of commercial oven cleaner – just spray the surface with hot water and sprinkle evenly salt onto it. Wait a few minutes and rub gently. Rinse. If there are some grease residues just repeat the treatment. And voilà! Your oven is impeccably cleaned.

You can also use salt to remove grease stains from your cloths, upholstery or carpet. Apply a thick layer of salt right onto the stain and leave it like this for 10 minutes, or until it completely absorbs the grease. After this remove the salt, rinse and dry the carpet, or wash the garment in washing machine like usual.

Castile Soap

Castile soap is perfect for washing delicate fabrics

Castile soap is perfect for washing delicates

Castile Soap is made from saponified pure olive oil. It origins from Spanish region Castille, which explains its name. This soap is hypo-allergenic natural cleaning agent. This makes it perfect for washing delicate garments – like baby clothes and lingerie because there is virtually no any risk of skin irritation.

Using castile soap you can also substitute not only your washing laundry detergent but also hard floor, dish cleaning and stain removal chemical products. Simply melt some soap in warm water and use the solution to remove light food and beverage spill stains from your clothes, carpet and upholstery, or to clean your hard wood floor in safe and effective way.



Soap nuts have great range of cleaning uses

Soap nuts have great range of cleaning uses

As soon as I discovered this amazing berries (yes, they actually aren’t “nuts”) they’ve become my number one green cleaning option. These berries grow on bushes and small trees from Sapindus genius which is typical for warm and tropical regions. Soapnuts’ pods are rich in natural saponins and are perfect for cleaning all around your home. Actually in many folk medicines, like Indian Ayurveda soapnuts are used as natural remedy for various skin conditions. The pods are being used as laundry detergent for thousands of years.

There is a number of different ways to use soapnuts. The easiest one is to take a few dried pods and put them into your washing machine, instead of commercial laundry detergent. You can also make a decoction and use it as surface cleaner, hand washing soap, laundry liquid, as an organic hair and body shampoo

Although soapnuts may sound as something “exotic” and therefore – expensive, they are actually quite inexpensive and easy to get. Many on-line shops are selling them. And the best part is – they are quite economical natural cleaner. To make 1 litre cleaning solution you need not more than 5-6 pods.

Here are some basic recipes on how to prepare your own green cleaners and cosmetics from soapnuts.

As you can see, with little information you can avoid dangerous chemical greace removing products, oven cleaner, laundry detergents, floor cleaning solutions, stain removers and many more household cleaners, containing toxic ingredients.