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The Future of Cleaning

We’ve all seen The Fifth Element and if you haven’t go ahead I can wait. I’m still here, go on, don’t be shy.

Now that you have seen it you know Garry Oldman’s speech on destruction and creation. He uses small cleaning robots to demonstrate his point. That’s what every housewife wants, right? Robots that take care of each and every dirty thing in our house. This might be a little further in the future than we want, but here is what we can expect:


fuel cell vacuum

Source: ShinyPlastic

Here is a quick question – why does a vacuum cleaner make so much noise? Engineers don’t know either, but they are working on it. What they have come up with is the vacuum cleaner backpack that is powered by a fuel cell. Just imagine it: no more dragging the vacuum cleaner around, no more cord tangling, just a quick efficient swipe through your home.

Actually the technology has been around for years, but the models look bulky and heavy. Nothing a self-respecting housewife would inflict on herself. But the new models look light, elegant and hassle free. We are looking forward to giving them a test drive through our floors.

Touchless Technology

elephant toilet


We already have touchless sensors. Airports, Governments and public establishments are using it. It’s only a matter of time before they arrive in our homes. As a general rule I agree that there is no proper time for a toilet to self-flush, because it’s always downright creepy. We always look like idiots, while searching for the non-existent water tap of the sink, but think about it for a second.

Touchless sinks and toilets mean less bacteria being carried around the home, because we touch fewer surfaces. This will lead to fewer diseases and a healthier environment. We might not want to admit it, but at times we all forget to flush. The phone might ring, a friend or a relative might decide to suddenly drop by or our thoughts might simply be elsewhere. It happens. A toilet that automatically flushes does that for us and ensures a more pleasant visit for the next person.

Solid Surface

solid surface countertop


Solid surface is a non-porous counter top that requires low maintenance. It comes in all shapes and sizes and has some distinct advantages. The lack of porous leads to fewer bacteria living on the surfaces of your home. It has a low chemical emission which contributes to healthier air inside the home and it’s easy to clean. All you need is soap and water. No hard detergents are needed.

The solid surface material can easily be mended in different shapes through heating. Imagine it covering your counter tops, your vanity, the surfaces in your bathrooms. It automatically makes everything easier to clean and maintain. No more strong detergents to irritate and dry your skin, you won’t have to be extra careful for your eyes. Speaking of cleaning solutions….

The Green Future

Due to popular demand companies are coming out with green detergents that work. Soon you can expect solutions that work better than the chemical ones, cost the same and are as effective. You won’t have to expose yourself any more to needless chemicals, that might cause more harm than help. Lets face it is there really a treat off between cleaning the bacteria on your counter tops with a bleach based detergent that will end up harming your lungs?


Because we all know why you are reading this article. Robots are on their way to our homes, so you can freely dream of one for Valentine’s day. Well, that might be a lousy gift…

The winner of the Electrolux Design Lab in 2013 was Mab. We all know they won, because they proposed not one, but a swarm of mini robots that fly around your house and scan the environment. When the robot discovers a dirty area it calls in the others for help. The stain is treated through soft wet taps that remove the dirt. Not only you don’t have to lift a finger, but everything is cleaned in a green and efficient way.

No Laundry

Army physical scientist, Quoc Truong, and his team, is working on a fabric that can repel anything. From motor oil to smell nothing can soak through the material. They looked at how cloths get dirty on molecular level and worked their way from there. The miracle clothing, as I like to call it, has already been tested and soldiers have recommended adopting. It’s only a matter of time, before they start making children cloths that won’t ever get dirty. Wouldn’t that be a relief?

Even thought we would all gladly give our money for some of those improvements for now they are all just a dream. When we get lazy we have to hire outside help or scrub that oven ourselves. Isn’t dreaming nice? So I ask what would make your life easier as a housewife? Share with us.