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How To Fast And Properly Clean Your Villa

Cleaning your villaSo, you have invited friends over for a nice weekend at your country house, but have limited time to prepare the villa before the guests start arriving? Here are some quick tips on how to clean up your country house and make it guest-ready fast:

  1. Start from the outdoors, and try to mentally trace the footsteps which your guests will first make when entering your villa. Sweep the front porch and gather any branches, leaves, or any other dirt. Give your doormat a nice shaking. The outdoor space is the first impression of your country house, so make sure you get it clean and ready to welcome guests.
  2. After you are done with the front door and porch, start imagining the routes of your guests. Yep, they will most definitely be using the guest bathroom, possibly the dining room, the living room and guest bedrooms. So, start with vacuuming and mopping the hallway and the flooring leading to these destinations. Remove any cluttered stuff from the living room, dining room, guest bedrooms or anywhere on the way to them.
  3. Take the time to clean the guest bathroom, because this is a place where everyone will be visiting at some point, and you don’t want your guests to be grossed out by the toothpaste and soap stains, hairs and residue in the sink or floor, a dirty toilet bowl or scruffy towels? Empty the trash can, put a fresh bar of soap, a roll or two of toilet paper and make sure everything looks nice and clean.
  4. If you really are running out of time, a quick tip is to simply hide all of the clutter and scattered stuff in your master bedroom, closet or anywhere off limits for your guests. It is perfectly acceptable to close the doors to the premises which you don’t want to be entered or seen, so just pop all that messy stuff right in there and close the doors. That should do it – for now.
  5. Make sure you remove any “obvious” mess from your country home, such as an overflowing garbage can, a pile of dirty dishes and kitchenware, and any other things which will immediately be noticed by everyone.

These tips are for emergency villa cleaning and are just a momentary solution. For a proper cleaning, you will need more consistency, more time and to spend more effort, but this can wait until after the guests are gone.