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What to Expect From Your Carpet Cleaning Company

how to choose the best carpet cleaning company

Today there are a lot of cleaning companies on the market and the competition is really big. You you search the Internet for this service you will find hundreds of different businesses. It’s wonderful that nowadays we have such a great choice, but it can be also quite confusing which company will be the best for you. However there are a few factors you can consider in order to make the right choice.

Certified Carpet Cleaners

A quality carpet cleaning company should have a team of proven experts. Of course, the best rug cleaners have a long years of hands-on experience in the field. However, it is highly recommended to be able to prove their qualification – it is absolutely appropriate to can ask you cleaner if he has a professional certificate. Some of the most popular institutes that certify carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaners in UK and USA are NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association), BICSc (British Institute of Carpet Cleaning Science) and IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). All these are solid organisations, and if the company you are about to call is certified by them the chance is you’re getting a high quality service increases.

Impeccable Customer Service

great customer service - punctuality

As we mentioned above there are lots of cleaning companies out there. So it is in your right to expect nothing but great attitude and excellent carpet cleaning service. After all, professional carpet cleaning of the whole house is quite of investment for most of us. First of all, a true professional should be punctual! All of us are quite busy, so proper time-management is a key issue. Of course, nobody can predict down the second what the traffic will be, but experienced cleaner, who knows his area well shouldn’t be late. The good technician is also polite, well informed and efficient.

The Cleaning Procedure

upholstery cleaning procedure

Many companies advertise themselves by bragging on their websites about the advanced equipment they use. Sure, utilising high quality machines is great, but in the hands of a non-professional this could end like giving a shotgun to a monkey. A well trained and experienced cleaner doesn’t just arrive and start vacuuming and steaming! A true professional will first have a talk with you to understand as much of the issue as possible, and also, if your carpets or furniture are rare or unusual – he will try to understand what material are they made from, how old are they etc. before he even starts cleaning. It is really important to be clear on those questions in order to apply the most adequate treatments and procedures for your carpets and rugs and avoid any risk of damaging them.

Reasonable Prices


There is such a great competition in carpet cleaning business that the prices announced on any site of a carpet cleaning companies are attractively low. But be careful! Some companies seem to have reasonable rates on their sites, but in the end it occurs, that you have to pay extra for the VAT, for petrol, for additional products etc. Always check what is included in the initial price, to avoid unpleasant surprises, when you get the bill. The company is obligated to provide you this information. Also it is good to know that nowadays most of the companies offer their clients free, non-obligation quote.

These are some of the fundamental topic that should concern you. In addition – these days many carpet cleaning companies become more and more aware about the environmental issues and try to use eco-friendly products. In some instances – like removing really tough stains it may be impossible to use green cleaning products. But in any case, nothing stops you from asking for safer alternative when cleaning your home.