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Eating: The Healthy Habit of the Stars

Do you want to be drop dead gorgeous?

Do you exercise regularly and keep a strict diet? Do you feel guilty over that piece of chocolate? Maybe you look away every time someone enters the room with a plate of hot pizza?

I have to tell you something then: you’ve forgotten why you are doing it in the first place.

You see, dieting and exercising are not just about loosing another pound. They are meant to make you feel good, feel happy and healthy.

Do you feel happy when constantly denying yourself the foods you love?

Remember: beauty comes from within and if that cake puts a smile on your face then you will be far more gorgeous if you eat it. Don’t trust me? Then take example from this amazing ladies. The red carpet is just a part of what makes a star.

Nicole Scherzinger: Hawaiian cuisine

Nicole’s favourite food is the cuisine of her home. I’ve always thought that there is nothing healthier than the national dishes of nations with history and Nicole confirms it. Hawaiian cuisine includes lots of meat, spices and sugars of all kinds, yet this famous singers manages to look great everywhere she appears without fail.

hawaiian cuisine

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nicole ncherzinger

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Miranda Kerr: fried chicken

Do you know what KFC stands for? Kentucky Fried Chicken. They abbreviated that due to the link between fried food, fast food, obesity and animal cruelty. However can the occasional bite really hurt that much? Miranda Kerr seems to be rocking that look. Reward yourself from time to time, without worry, and I can assure you that you will feel tons better. Because if a world wide famous model can afford eating fried chicken, why shouldn’t you?


Source: DietHood

miranda kerr

Source: HowToBecomeAStylist

Angelina Jolie & kids: crickets

I remember hearing over the TV about France’s proposals of dealing with world hunger by introducing insects into our diet. Angelina might have taken the offer a bit too serious. I’ll let the crickets speak for themselves.


Source: Pinterest

angelina jolie

Source: UsMagazine

Betty White: hot dogs & red vines

That woman is 92 and definitely on to something. If candy and hot dogs were that for you would that be possible? Just look at that smile! She’s probably just had a hot dog and finished off with Red Vines.

I believe I’d follow her example.


Source: GirlsGuideTo

Scarlett Johansson: buffalo wings

The Avenger’s star definitely knows how to kick ass off and on screen. How does she keep in such a perfect shape? With buffalo wings, of course. You were expecting some power shake, weren’t you? The truth is that sometimes you just need a serving of delicious meat to kick start your action woman powers.


Source: 12Tomatoes

scarlett johansson

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Tylor Swift: Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal or Pop-Tarts

No wonder Tyler looks so sweet. With favourite dishes such as pop-tarts and cinnamon toast crunch cereal what else can she be? And she still looks amazing slim. Why not take a page from her book and vary those musli with some pop tarts?

tylor swift

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Britney Spears: chocolate

Seriously, which lady doesn’t love chocolate? It makes the world a better place and if the internet is too be trusted chocolate is a fruit salad. Only most of us don’t have the guts to admit our guilty pleasure. Britney deserves a hug for saying what we all want to: “I love chocolate!”.

britney spears

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Now go and treat yourself the most delicious piece of chocolate you can find. I know I will.

Mariah Carey: pizza

Did you see this coming? I know I didn`t. I’ve always thought that pizza was only for those occasions when you don`t want to look too picky in front of your new significant other. Imagine the amount of time needed to burn that crispy crust, the golden cheese and the amazing tomatoes…

Mariah Carey

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Reality check: We deserve the goodness that’s pizza without guilt. Even if it’s only once a month.

Cameron Diaz: salty french fries

Do you know what Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? I’m not talking just about the shiny blond hair the amazing bodies. They both love fries. It’s tasty, it sates and how can it possibly be bad for you? So next time you go out why not order a plate and nibble it away?

cameron diaz

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Source: SkinnyTaste

Jennifer Hudson: VitaMuffins

Not all stars like greasy temptations. Jennifer Hudson’s guilty pleasure are VitaMuffins. That makes her luckier than most of the ladies on this list, necause she can eat her favourite food a lot more often.

jennifer hudson

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Source: FoodLve

Katy Perry: double double’ In-N-Out burger

Burgers are probably the first to go in a strict diet. But why not prepare one at home? It’ll be healthy and delicious. You don’t have to give up your favourite food to have the body you’ve been dreaming about. Kary Perry certainly hasn’t, so why should we?

katy perry

Source: DailyMail


Source: CityData

Lea Michele: vegan cupcakes

Cupcakes just say “Eat me!”. They are adorably cute and can only lead you down the rabbit whole. However Lea Michele has found out how to happily munch as many cupcakes as you want. She shares that vegan cupcakes are her favourite food. She’s a lucky person. I’ll just have to go with the regular triple-chocolate-topping-mapple-syrop-covered cupcake.

lea Michele

Source: Pinterest

Christina Hendriks: spaghetti

Lets make it a rule: if you can’t trust the italians with food, you can’t trust anyone. So you can eat spaghetti. That’s what Christina Hendrinks seems to be doing and it’s working out fabulously for her. Lets make it our extra special treat, shall we?


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Selena Gomez: pickles

Who would have thought that something as simple would be so tasty? Selena Gomez confesses that she loves pickles in any shape and form. The good news is that they will fit right into your diet without a hitch.

selena gomez

Source: StyleBistro

That is if you have any space left in your stomach for a diet. Maybe you should work off some food with cleaning? Just remember: curves look great on you.


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