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Easy Tips On Cleaning Oak Floors

Oak floor cleaningOak floorings are gorgeous and add a unique natural look to any room, house or outdoor space, but when it comes to cleaning them or removing stains from wood floors, matters can become slightly complicated. Here are some tips on how to clean oak flooring and how to protect it.

Clean and Protect – Mission Possible!

First of all, make sure you ensure the proper maintenance for your hardwood floor, in order to avoid staining and to reduce the need of cleaning it too often.

To keep your oak flooring in shape and well, try to limit the entry with wet or dirty indoors. This can be done by asking your family and friends to remove their shoes before entering, or by providing a good quality bristly doormat, and also placing area mats on top of the wood floor on the entrance, high traffic areas or the sitting area. Water can damage the wooden floor, so make sure you don’t stand or sit with wet or snowy boots on top of it.

If your wooden floor becomes wet for one reason or another, make sure you immediately soak up and remove all excess water with a clean dry cloth and paper towels.

You can avoid scratches on your wooden floor by using rugs underneath the furniture or in the play areas of your children.

When it comes to the actual cleaning, you should use a mop treated with a dusting agent in order to get all the dirt, hairs and dust. You should perform this dusting once or twice a week, and if you have pets or kids – more often.

Use your vacuum cleaner with a floor brush attachment to gently clean your wooden floor. Remember to refrain from using the beater bar, which can permanently scratch and damage your wooden floor. You can use an electric broom instead too.

If you need to do an emergency cleaning for unexpected guests, you can use disposable cloths to dust and gather any residue, hairs and other dirt.

Apart from the weekly or bi-weekly dusting and cleaning, periodic deep cleaning of your oak floor is necessary too, because some of the dirt and grime can build up over time despite the regular cleaning. This deep cleaning is suitable for the annual spring cleaning routine, or for the preparation of your home for the winter.

For the safe deep cleaning, you need a specialised wood cleaning solution, which needs to be appropriately diluted, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. Use a damp mop or sponge to wash the floor, but make sure you do not oversaturate it or leave puddles of water on it. Rinse it off, if it is required by the manufacturer, and ensure that there is good aeration so that the floor dries quickly.

Waxed oak floors should be waxed once a year.