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How To Easily Clean Your Turkish Rug

Authentic Turkish rugs like all other oriental rugs are of high quality, very classy and a great investment, because if taken care of properly can last a lifetime and even be left for the next generations.

Turkish rugs cleaning

In order to preserve your beautiful Turkish rug, and keep all the natural dyes of the pretty geometric patterns as pretty as new, you need to provide proper regular cleaning, maintenance and safe and suitable stain removal whenever necessary.

With proper cleaning and care, the fibres will stay intact, and so will the colours, fringes and the rug will remain in its original form and shape.

Simple Tips For Turkish Rugs Cleaning

Here are some basic tips on how to clean Turkish rugs:

  • Use a hand broom with all natural bristles to brush your hand-made rug on a regular basis. Remember to flip the rug over and brush its bottom part as well, and don’t forget to clean the flooring underneath it. Regular brushing and cleaning will keep the dirt out of the rug and will keep the fibres safe from damage which can be caused be embedded residue.
  • If you prefer to use a vacuum cleaner, be gentle with it, and never ever use the brush attachment on your Turkish rug. Use only the nozzle attachment to clean the top and bottom of your rug.
  • As for the deep cleaning, do not overdo it. Depending on the brightness of your rug, as well as the traffic on it, it should be cleaned once a year or every two years. To determine whether your rug needs washing, just touch the carpet pile, and if it feels harsh and course, then the rug probably needs washing. You can also lift one of the corners and tap it on top of your open palm – if there are dust and dirt, then it is time for cleaning.
  • Remember: The safest way to deep clean your Turkish rug is to book the services of a reputable carpet cleaning service, which offers quality guarantees and cleaning insurance.

  • If your rug isn’t antique, made of fine silk or in need of carpet repair, you can wash it by yourself, but you need to follow some important rules, in order to do it properly and safely and avoid ruining the rug.

Washing Your Turkish Rug By Yourself

  1. Test the rug for colorfastness by rubbing a damp white cloth on an inconspicuous spot, and see if there is a transfer of colour on the cloth.
  2. If it is OK for washing, take it out and beat it or shake it gently so that you get as much of the dust and dirt out of it.
  3. Use a soft brush with natural bristles and a bucket of lukewarm water with carpet shampoo, white vinegar or liquid soap to brush across the pile, gently.
  4. Brush vertically, after that horizontally with the shampoo and after that with clean water. Use as little water as possible both for the cleaning and rinsing.
  5. Let the carpet dry without stepping on it.