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How To Easily Clean Your Home Floorings

Natural home flooringNot sure which type of cleaning solution and method is best for your flooring? Well, here are some tips on the best and most efficient way to clean the most popular types of floors:

Taking care of your carpets

For carpet cleaning, the best way to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet is to vacuum it slowly and thoroughly at least once a week, and more often if you have pets, toddlers or allergic people in your household. High traffic areas should be cleaned more often, in order to keep the residue, dust and dirt from settling deep into the carpet and causing the fibres to be damaged, and the dust mites to live happily inside your home.

Remove any spills and stains as soon as possible after they happen. Soak up any liquid with a clean cloth or paper towel and dab the stain with a cloth dipped in water and a few drops of dishwashing solution. Then dab the stain with a clean cloth with some water. Never rub a stain and never pour water on it directly.

If you have a Persian or another oriental, antique, silk or other expensive carpet or rug, you should take extra precautions and rely on professional carpet cleaners to wash and remove stains from your carpeting.

Cleaning the natural floorings is easier than you’ve thought

The best way to keep your natural flooring clean is to vacuum it regularly to remove any dust or debris. Use an upright vacuum cleaner with no brushes, in order to avoid scratching and damaging your natural flooring.

Even though most natural flooring is sold with a protective stain inhibitor treatment, make sure you remove any spills and stains immediately, in order to prevent the natural fibres of absorbing the spill and becoming soiled permanently. Dab up the spill with a paper towel or dry cloth in order to prevent the shrinking of your natural flooring as a result of getting wet or being treated with commercial carpet foam or another solution.

And what about the wooden floors?

First of all, make sure you sweep your wooden floor or use the vacuum cleaner with a brush setting to remove any debris, dirt and other residues from your wooden flooring. You need to mop the floor at least once a week, but make sure you use cleaning solutions which are specifically offered for cleaning wood. Don’t use too much water, so that it doesn’t get soaked in your floor because this can cause serious permanent damage.