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How To Easily Clean Foundation Off Any Fabric?

How important is colour duration when it comes to foundation?

It ranks very high on list of qualities our make up should have. But what we want to stay on our faces we might not really on our cloths.

This morning I thought I’ve lost of my favourite white sweater. The neckline was covered in perfectly durable, perfectly set foundation. My first reaction was to grab the make up remover and fight it out, but luckily for me and my sweater I didn’t. Don’t panic and don’t call in the SWAT team.

Removing Powdered Foundation From Your Cloths

powder foundation

Source: LiveSimply

Don’t, just don’t rub it in. The powder should be easy enough to dust off, but don’t rub. It will grind the fine mots into the fabric and set the stain. Instead mix white vinegar with water to remove the make up.

If you the stains proves to be tougher or you don’t trust vinegar to do all the dirty work you can try to remove it with a detergent. There are several ways:

  • Take 5 – 6 drops of mild laundry solution, that doesn’t contain any bleach or alternatives. Add 1 cup of cold water and dab or blot the spot until it full comes out
  • After brushing the powder, apply a dry cleaning solvent to loosen the fabric; dab dry spotter with an absorbent pad and let it stay for 5 minutes; repeat till the stain is gone
  • Choose the best approach for you and then finish off by putting your clothes in the washing machine.
liquid foundation

Source: TotalBeauty

Cleaning Liquid Foundation Stains

Even liquid foundation can be cleaned out of your cloths. Just grab a shampoo or dish detergent and rub it into the fabric. If your make up isn’t oily then try using hair spray to remove it. Once done, launder as usual.

Another method you can use is to pre-treat the stain with a stain remover, before machine washing it. A different approach is to use 3% hydrogen peroxide or a non-flammable dry cleaning solution.

A friend of mine swears on the power of shaving cream and alcohol for especially set oily spots.

Personally I think I will go with the detergent and alcohol solution. It managed to clean my lipstick, so how hard can it be to wash off foundation?