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Ease Your Housekeeping Routine With 15 Minutes Cleanups

living-roomToday people are too busy to clean their houses thoroughly every day. And, since most of them are working full-time job five days a week they don’t seem to grime and mess their homes this much. But, usually at the end of the week when we stay home we realize that our place is total mess and we have to spend whole day of our weekend in cleaning.

This is quite unpleasant way to spend your free time. But there is a way to shorten cleaning time. Read through the list below and optimize your housekeeping schedule. All of these 15 minutes cleanups are easy to do, even if you are tired from work. They cannot replace thorough cleaning, but will ease your cleaning at the end of the week. You don’t have to do them all at once, the idea is to deal with small issues around the house and leave the serious job such as washing the carpets or cleaning the backyard for the end of the week.


While your dinner is in the oven, clean the hotplates and the surface of the stove. If there is too much dirt, you can spray some detergent on it and let it dissolve the grease. Meanwhile you can empty the trash bin and change the bag. Wipe the stove’s surface from the detergent and you got one task less for the weekend. Another great 15 minutes task for the kitchen is to clean your refrigerator before you put your weekly groceries inside. It is easier to do this when your fridge is almost empty because you have to get out just a few things. Apply some detergent on a clean sponge and wipe inside and outside the refrigerator. Remove any preparation residues with clean cloth and put your groceries inside.


Bathroom and Toilet

This is probably the easiest place to clean and maintain. But, when you leave it for the weekend, it takes precious minutes from your spare time. Here are some suggestions for 15 minutes bathroom cleanup. First, empty the bin and put new bag inside. Replace the towels with clean ones and put them in the laundry room. Apply some disinfectant on bathtub and toilet and let it stay like this for five minutes. Meanwhile you can scrub the sink with some preparation and remove any dried toothpaste residues. When you’re done with the sink rinse the disinfectant from you bathtub and toilet.


Living Room

This is the place where you spend most of your time after work during the week so it naturally gets pretty messy. But you can improve the situation in just 15 minutes with this simple cleanup tactic. First, collect all the dishes you have left there – the empty nut bowl, the dirty mug that has been staying on your coffee table for three days and take them to the kitchen. Only this simple step will make your living room look tidier.

Another cleanup that can be done in 15 minutes is to collect the clutter around the room. Get all these gadgets that usually cover your sofa, shelves and coffee table and put them in one place. Don’t bother to put them in their exact places, just tidy the surfaces. The room will appear less messy for sure.

If you want to ease the weekend carpet cleaning you can vacuum the high traffic area in the living room. Don’t waste time to move the furniture, just vacuum around the coffee table, armchair and sofa. While vacuum cleaner is still running you can go through the couch upholstery and then wipe it with a damp sponge. This will take off another 15 minutes of your weekend cleaning.



This area gets less dirt than the other rooms. But if your wardrobe is placed there usually at the end of the week your bedroom is covered with both clean and worn clothes. If you spare 10 to 15 minutes once or twice a week to fold the clothes that you haven’t worn and put them in your closet and take the dirty ones to the laundry room, you will have one task less for the end of the week.

Since we usually go into the bedroom with clean shoes and we don’t eat there you can vacuum the carpet in this area some evening after work. It will take less than 15 minutes and forget about it when we do the thorough house cleaning. Also, you can change the bed sheets some evening after you change your clothes.



Hallway is often neglected until it gets really dirty. Collect all bills and sundries from shoe rack and wipe its surface with a damp cloth. Spare few minutes to clean the mirror and to put away the clothes left on the hangers. Put the shoes that you’re not wearing into the shoe cabinet. All these simple cleanups will help you maintain your place better and will ease your end-of-week cleaning routine.

There are a lot of other things you can do – like rake the leaves from your yard some morning instead of doing your exercise, dusting your bookshelves while watching TV – be creative and extend your free time.