Drapery and Curtain Cleaning London

Having your curtains and drapery cleaned on a regular basis is essential. Why? Because it ensures that your property continues to look nice and smell fresh. So when you’re ready to get in touch with Vestey & Axford Services. We’ll send you a team of highly qualified professionals to any domestic or commercial property of your choosing.

More About Our Curtain Cleaning Service

Expert curtain cleanersExcellent Carpet Cleaning specialises in curtain and drapery cleaning and delivers ‘at home’ curtain cleaning service that will save you all the hassle of taking down your curtains to have them cleaned. Our technicians possess vast knowledge about all types of curtain fabrics and designs and know just what it takes to have them looking at their best.

Want to know how your specific service will be carried out? Read on!
Firstly, staff will take down your curtains at your home or office. Secondly, the material will be carefully assessed, and an appropriate cleansing technique identified – it’s important that we know whether we’re dealing with silk, wool, cotton, or some other modern synthetic fabric. Thirdly, any prominent stains will be treated. Fourthly, any remaining dirt will be removed. Finally, your curtains will be put back up.
We’ll leave your curtains and drapery looking clean and smelling fresh!

Why Choose Vestey & Axford Services?

Trusting us with your curtains and drapery will effectively cancel the chances for:

  • Shrinkage or distortion.
  • Damage occurring to fabric or lining.
  • Stains and blemishes treated incorrectly or not treated at all.
  • Significant colour fading/change during the process.

What’s In It For You?

  • Affordable prices that contain no hidden fees
  • Expert assistance from qualified, fully insured technicians
  • Appointment slots on weekdays, weekends, and during evenings
  • Quality tools that can remove even the most stubborn stains and ingrained dirt
  • Round-the-clock access to advisers – who you can ask for free, no-obligation quotes

Not only that but you’ll be able to save hundreds of pounds with our multi services deals, check out our prices page.

How to Get Your Curtains Cleaned?

Simply give us a call on 020 3746 4621 or use our online booking form. An adviser will take your details and then calculate a zero cost, zero obligation quote for you. The process will be completed in mere minutes!