5 Cleaning Applications For The Modern You

Do you have applications on your smart phone? Maybe you have Bubble-wrap that gives you the satisfaction of actually popping bubbles. Maybe you have the SimStapler that lets your enjoy the feeling of stapling on. As entertaining as those apps are how will they help you in life? Stress reduction is fine, but some times we just need to get …Read More

10 Ways You Should Be Using Coffee Right Now

I love coffee. Coffee is the cure it all, work it all out remedy. If something can’t be fixed then add more coffee. Sooner or later it will straighten out. As a matter of fact I had a cup of coffee before I started writing this article. The beauty of coffee is that it can do anything. It doesn’t simply …Read More

The Future of Cleaning

We’ve all seen The Fifth Element and if you haven’t go ahead I can wait. I’m still here, go on, don’t be shy. Now that you have seen it you know Garry Oldman’s speech on destruction and creation. He uses small cleaning robots to demonstrate his point. That’s what every housewife wants, right? Robots that take care of each and …Read More