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How To Clean Vomit Stains Out of Your Carpet?

Sick stomachIt can happen to anybody – to puke on the carpet or to miss your little son just in the moment, when he decides to throw up. Vomit at home, though, is not a human case only. Your pet can suffer from some stomach pain, as well. In all cases, you are obliged to be aware how to remove this smell and stain. The odour of a vomit stain on the carpet is quite nasty and big, so at least you will not have to lose time in searching for its source. Now, take a look how simple it is actually to get rid of vomit stains on a carpet.

How to start, if you see a vomit stain on the carpet?

Of course, you will have to pre-treat the area. Make sure you know the fabric of your carpet. Moreover – make sure you don`t touch it, if it is a Persian rug or something even more delicate, like a hand-knotted or decorative piece of art. In these cases, better turn to a professional. Carpet cleaning services aren`t expensive at all these days, so make a reservation and forget about the incident. Still, if your carpet is synthetic, you are free to start with these simple steps:

  • Scrape off all the vomit excess – It is important to get rid of the little vomit pieces, because they might get absorbed into the fibers during your moisture-based cleaning approach.
  • Open the balcony doors and the windows – Let the deodorizing and bad odor removal processes start from the very beginning.

If the vomit stain is wet yet, get a clean cloth to blot. Now you can proceed with the basic cleaning procedure.

What`s the best cleaning remedy for puke stain on a carpet?

We will tell you a single, but very effective method for a vomit stain removal from a carpet. Below, it is explained step by step – don`t worry, it`s simple and it will cost you nothing!

  1. Apply baking soda right on the vomit stain – almost every house has it, but if your ammonia has run out, try with another powder absorbent – mild laundry detergent with 0% bleach is also ok. Let the dry solution remain like that for few minutes.
  2. Get a clean cloth again and blot – don`t use water yet! Just blot and see what is left from the puke stain.
  3. Mix half a teaspoon dish washing soap with a little bit water directly on a sponge.
  4. Start scrubbing.

The stain must be gone, but your job is not done yet. Don`t leave the carpet wet, but dry it properly!
If you smell the odour yet, prepare a deodorizing remedy with three drops of essential oil and 100 ml water. Spray all over the carpet and you are ready!