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How To Clean Red Juice From a Carpet

Cleaning juice from carpetsSo, your toddler has done it again – spilled his entire bottle of juice on your living room carpet? Before running for the commercial chemical carpet remover you seem to be using on a daily basis ever since your child started walking, stop and read about a safer and more natural method for juice stain removal from your carpet.

Whether it is orange, tomato, apple, grape, cranberry or other red juice, the feeling of impending doom is probably overwhelming you as you watch the liquid getting absorbed more and more by your carpet.

Three easy homemade cleaning methods

The first step for successful juice stain removal from carpets and rugs is to stop panicking, grab a paper towel or clean cloth and start absorbing as much of the juice as you can before it has been fully absorbed in your carpet. Just blot on the spill – never rub it, so it doesn’t spread further.

To create your own cheap, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe stain removal product, you can use one of these three cleaning methods:

  1. mix a quarter cup of baking soda and 2 cups of cold water
  2. mix a teaspoon of white vinegar, a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap, and a quart of cool water
  3. mix ¼ tablespoon of mild and non-bleach detergent with a liter of cold water

Put the chosen mixture in a spray bottle.

Save your carpeting by yourself

After you are done dabbing as much of the liquid from your juice stain, wet a cloth with some of the cleaning solution and place it on top of the stain. Press from the outer side of the stain to the middle point on top of it gently, using a spoon or another similar tool. By using the bottom of the spoon you will efficiently spread the cleaning solution exactly on the stain with doing damage on the fibers. You should notice that the juice is being transferred to the cleaning cloth. Repeat the procedure until no more juice is being transferred to the cloth and none of it is left on the carpet.

After the stain is gone, make sure you rinse the area by using a cloth dipped in clean water.

Remember: For tougher spills such as cranberry juice stains, you can use 3% hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to treat the stain, but make sure you never use ammonia on oriental, wool, silk or other delicate and natural carpets. And to treat a tomato juice spill, you should use lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide to treat the fresh stain, especially if the carpet is light in color.

After that, spray the stain with the cleaning solution and dab it until no juice is left on the carpet. Thoroughly rinse off with some water, and soak it up with paper towels once you are done. You can cover the cleaned area with a pile of paper towels and press them with a heavy object for a few hours, so that most of the water is absorbed.

Let the carpet dry by ensuring sufficient air, ventilation or heating. After it is all dried up, you can fix the fibers of the carpet file by vacuuming the area thoroughly.