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How To Clean Pet Stains Out of Your Carpet?

Pet stains on the carpetHaving a pet has been always a big responsibility. Because besides the joy and the happy moments it gives you, a dog or a cat can be a total disaster – especially when it comes to domestic hygiene. A pet leaves hairs on its way and sometimes, it does very bad and nasty stains that also come with unpleasant smell. In all cases, the carpet is the one that suffers at most. Thankfully, we have a solution for each kind of the carpet stains a pet can do. Let`s talk about them now.

How to clean urine stains from a carpet?

Urine stains from a cat or dog can be sometimes harsh to be seen, but easy to smell. This is why identifying the stain, itself, is one of the hardest jobs you should do. If you have ultra violet light, it becomes easy, though. It is also simple to remove urine stains from a carpet – regardless who did it, a cat or a dog:

  • Blot the stain with clean towel or toilet paper at first.
  • Then, sprinkle either borax or baking soda. Don`t use laundry detergent, if you have a delicate carpet!
  • After 15 minutes you can vacuum the powder off or directly to steam the carpet, if you have such a device
  • The stain might be yet there, so apply water and dish washing soap. Use the sponge to finish it once and for all.
  • Dry properly!

Easy steps to pet poop stains removal from a carpet

Now, let`s deal with the poop stains. Cat and dog poops are hard to be removed, but not impossible. Here is the best method for it:

  • Scrape of the poop excesses thoroughly
  • Apply any dry detergent you have at home
  • Leave for few hours and open the windows to air the premise in advance
  • Now spray the area with a mixture of water, lemon juice and essential oils
  • Blot and dry!

The best solution for vomit stains made of a pet

Vomit stains on a carpet are really unpleasant, because they smell quite nastily. So bad odor removal is what you need to concentrate on. However, there is some cleaning job in the following procedure, too:

  • Blot the stain, if it is wet yet.
  • If the stain is old, apply dry detergent or borax on the vomit. Wait for an hour.
  • Now, pour a little bit of white vinegar. We use this liquid, because it`s the best in bad small neutralizing
  • Go on with rinsing
  • Make sure the carpet is dried and if you have to, use hair dryer. The humidity causes mold and it does not smell better than the pet`s vomit.

Ok, now you are ready to have a pet with no concerns, because you get aware how to clean any pet stain from a carpet!