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How to Clean Your Oven Like a Professional

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The holidays are over and they have probably left their mark on your home. Do you remember the delicious Christmas dinner you prepared? You don’t want any of it lingering in your oven. You will find out that the next meal you prepare might not have the taste you expected. The solution? Some extra time spend scrubbing.

Why Should We Clean The Oven?

There is a high chance that your oven has been working extra hours during the holidays. All the food that has been prepared has taken its toll on the appliance. There are probably some vegetables lying somewhere in the back and a drop or two of spattered sauce. It might not appear like a lot at first, but you will definitely taste and smell it later. Here is why:

  • Left overs create smoke and fumes inside the kitchen while you are cooking
  • Burning food emits a foul smell that will ruin not only your mood, but the rich taste of your next meal
  • Ovens are fire hazardous and you should take as much precaution as possible to prevent starting a fire
  • The grease in your oven hinders the even distribution of heat and that prevents your food from being cooked evenly on all sides
  • Those are just a few reasons for why you might want to invest extra time into cleaning your oven. Read on to find tips and ticks on how to make it quick and painless.

The Tools You Will Need

Oven cleaning is one of those tasks that can’t be taken lightly and can’t be tackled barehanded. That is why you need to put on your PVC gauntlet, grab your dish brush in one hand, your metal scraper in the other and be prepared for a hard fight. You will also need to keep scourer, pad paper towels and a microfibre cloth handy.

The Green Way

This method is suitable for those of you who aren’t fond of the strong burning detergents required to clean the hard, dried up stains from the oven. You can do this in several ways:

  • First Method: Baking Soda. It is our favourite cleaning solution that can be found in every supermarket. It’s great when it comes to fighting grease. Turn the soda into a thick paste by adding water. Make sure that your oven is cold before you start. Then rub the stains with the paste. Leave the soda to do its magic for a few hours. If it becomes too dry add more water with a sprayer. Then, using a dish brush and a scraper, remove the grease and voilà! The soda has absorbed everything and your oven is as good as new.
  • Second Method: You can create an even stronger cleaning solution by mixing a white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar with the soda in a ratio of 2:1, a drop of dish-washing soap and a few drops of fragrance oil in case the smell is too overwhelming. Then you would proceed by following the steps in method one. First you add water to create a thick paste. You need to thoroughly smear it over the stains. leave it on for a few hours, add more water if necessary and scrub it clean in the end.

By following those two methods you will end up with a shiny clean oven while using environmentally friendly solutions. You won’t have to breath in the heavy smell of detergents and you can enjoy delicious meals.

The Heavy Duty Cleaner

When you visit your local store you should search for detergents that come in spray, foam and thick form. Those would stick to the stains and won’t just drip to the bottom of your oven. Once you have everything set you can follow this step by step guide:

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  • Step 1: Open a window and place paper towels beneath the oven
  • Step 2: Take out the racks and trays and place them into the sink
  • Step 3: Remove as much as possible food leftovers with the metal scraper and the scourer pad
  • Step 4: Scrub in your oven cleaner of choice. The racks and trays need to stay like that for at least 15 minutes before you can rinse them
  • Step5: Once the allotted time is over take the scourer pad in hand and vigorously clean the leftover and detergents under a stream of hot water
  • Step 6: Leave the racks and trays to dry
  • Step 7: Once the racks and trays have been taken care of you can go on with the oven chamber and door glass. You can turn up the heat to 50°C/120°F to strengthen the effect of the detergent. Then plug out the appliance
  • Step 8: Using the dish brush, spread the detergent over the interior of the chamber and the door glass
  • Step 9: Scrub the oven cleaner into the grease with the help of the scourer pad. Then shut the door and let the detergent dissolve the stains
  • Step 10: In about 15 minutes the leftovers should have soften enough for you to be able to clean them with little effort, take the scourer pad and scrub
  • Step 11: Use the paper towels to gather the grime. If needed scrub any stubborn stains with the scrapper and again gather everything with towels
  • Step 12: Clean the exterior of the oven by first wiping it with wet microfibre towel and then drying it with a different towel
  • Step 13: Leave the oven open to dry out

You can now enjoy your tasty meals once again.

Daily Oven Maintenance

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To make the cleaning process faster and easier I recommend you to clean your oven on regular basis. There are a few simple ways you can do this:

  • Clean any stains immediately with a detergent
  • Pour salt over the spills after cooking, while the oven is still hot. Let it cool down and then clean it with the scraper
  • Regularly hire an oven cleaning company

Those are just a few ideas on how to clean your oven after your guests have left the house. Make sure to unplug the appliance first and to read its safety instructions manual.

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