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How To Clean Leather Carpet

Leather carpetIf you have a fancy leather shag rug, you might be wondering what the best and safest way to clean it is. Leather carpets can vary in type and style, and made of different animals, and using different techniques.

Truth is that leather carpets are more delicate and the best option is dry cleaning, but there are some options for DIY home leather carpet cleaning as well.

The thick and soft leather shag rugs are nice and cozy, but in order to keep them clean and increase their longevity, you must provide them with regular suitable cleaning, especially if they are placed in high traffic areas in your home.

DIY methods

The safest DIY leather carpet cleaning method involves the use of a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Use that to thoroughly and yet gently vacuum your leather rug on a regular basis.

Use spot vacuum cleaning rather than roller bar vacuuming, because upright vacuuming can actually ruin the leather strands of your carpet.

Apart from that, if the size of your leather shag rug allows it, you should periodically take it outside and give it a nice and yet gentle shake to remove as much of the dust, dirt and other residues from it as possible.

Since leather is a natural material, it will easily stain and absorb any spills and chemicals, so avoid using chemical cleaning solutions for cleaning your leather rug, or for removing stains from it.

It is recommended that you give your leather carpet a cleaning at least once a week, in order to keep the dirt and debris to getting deeply embedded in it, causing damage to the leather. Keep in mind that cracked leather cannot be repaired. This means, you should take out your rug and shake it well from the dust and debris at least once a week.
If your leather rug still looks dirty, stained or unkempt after shaking and vacuuming, your best move would be to call your local professional carpet cleaning company, and ask them for professional assistance.

Still unwilling to call the carpet professionals?

If you really are willing to risk treating a stain or doing a DIY deep leather carpet cleaning, then you should be cautioned that leather stains and is ruined very easily. This is why, it is crucial to always follow the advice of the manufacturer of your leather carpet when planning a deep cleaning or stain treatment.

Also, keep in mind that the dyes of you leather carpet can easily run and can actually not only ruin the rug, but also your wooden floor beneath it.

So, in general the advice is to stay away from chemicals when cleaning your leather carpet. Some leather rugs can actually be cleaned with a mild water and liquid soap solution. If the manufacturer recommends this type of cleaning, then follow the instructions.

If you use the water and soap cleaning method, don’t oversaturate the rug. You should rub it gently with a clean cloth dipped in the water and soap solution. After you clean the surface gently, use a damp cloth to rinse off any soap and residue left. When you are done, dab up any extra water with dry paper towels or a dry clean cloth.

In case, the water and soap treatment is not acceptable, you can use special foam leather cleaner, but always test the solution on an inconspicuous space on the rug first before proceeding with the actual cleaning.

Make sure the rug dries completely before placing it back on the floor.

If your leather rug has fur, it is recommended that you use a rug brush made of wire or a pet fur brush to gently brush the hair in direction of the growth.

For additional protection, you can use special leather or suede protector to seal and waterproof your rug.