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How To Clean Hair Out of Your Carpet

Hairs stuck into carpetHair can be surprisingly hard to remove, especially from carpets with long fibers, with the clean up being quite unpleasant if left for a prolonged period of time. We have some easy, cheap methods of pet and long hair removal, with easy to follow steps that will aid pet and long hair owners.

Human and dog hairs vary with their difficulty of removal, with human hairs being the more problematic ones to deal with. They are thinner and carry a lot more oils which bind with the fibers of the carpet. Long haired or double coated species like huskies or malamutes shed all year round for instance, and personal experience shows that the best way to deal with that is to just clean regularly.

Cleaning up human hair

If falling naturally, human hair, regardless of length has a lot more grease and oils with it than pet hair as pets shed their inner coats or the layers that keeps warm during the colder periods of the year. Human hairs are thinner, heavier and stick a lot more to the fibers of the carpet. The method that has shown the best results with long hairs is that of bottle spraying the carpet with detergent and water. It’s important to use in moderation to avoid saturating the carpet, use lightly to slightly dampen the fibers. Once dried, used a hoover to remove the hair.

The reason the detergent and water bottle method works so well is due to the degreasing of surface of the carpet. The moisture created binds the hairs together, making them easier to remove. The hoover is there to extract the hairs, after they have lost their grip to the fibers due to the detergent. Repeat these steps if any hairs are left. A conditioner in the water bottle will help with future cases as it creates a protective layer, preventing the binding of the hairs to the fibers.

Dealing with pet hair

If your pet is shedding by annually, the best way to avoid any headaches is to remove any carpeting if you can. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting and carpeted stairs, you can use a dampened cloth and a brush to remove hairs from hard to reach places. For a greater reach use a floor sponge and a lukewarm water.

  • Soak the sponge in the water then strain thoroughly leaving only a small portion of the moisture – use that on the affected surface, the moisture will gather up any hairs it catches.
  • Rinse the sponge and use once again where it’s needed – an easier, more efficient way of cleaning is if you use the sponge against the grain of the carpet. The bristles and fibers are lifted up, revealing areas which may hold more hairs.
  • Leave the carpet to dry and go over with a hoover if there are any hairs left

To make it easier in the future, use a conditioner in the water you dip the sponge in. It will cover the fibers of the carpet in a protective layer and make it nearly impossible for the hairs to stick to the carpet even if compressed by time or foot traffic. This might save you a lot of effort in the future and is worth the try.

Some more useful tips

The trick to both methods is to act as soon as you can, don’t let the hairs sit on the carpet for long or foot traffic and pressure might bind them to the carpet and make them harder to remove. Mist whilst using the bottle method, don’t spray or you will soak the carpet and make your job a lot harder.