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How To Clean Grass Stains Out of Your Carpet

Grass stainsGrass stains are common in households with active family members, children and pets, and luckily such types of stains aren’t impossible to remove. With the right attitude, patience and a lot of effort, you can remove the stain with all but water and a low pH spotter. The thing that cleans the fibers of the carpet are the techniques you will be using, in combination with the proper treatments you can get spotless results surprisingly quickly.

The wet towel method

  • Get a strong hoover:
  • For this method you will need a strong hoover with an upholstery attachment. Don’t use a bristled brush, or it might drive the stain even deeper and make the cleaning process a lot harder. Instead use the upholstery attached of your hoover and remove as much of the solid part of the stain as possible. The most optimal technique of hoovering for the situation would be by using the vacuum in your advantage. Place the nozzle on the spot and dab, do not brush or rub the stain as it will further set it into the fibers and make your job harder. Use this method of placing and removing the nozzle, while using the suction of the vacuum to extract any solids. You may want to lift the fibers of the carpet by vacuuming against the grain of the textile, it lifts up the fibers making it easier for you to get every last but of soil and green you can.

  • Working on the stain:
  • To remove the stain you will need a white, colourless towel and ice cold water. Using hot water on stains might work against you and help set the stain further, always use cold water when working with stains. The colourless cloth or towel is required as to stop the bleeding of the carpet onto the towel and to be able to more easily spot if the grass stain is transferring onto the towel. Soak a corner of the towel in the ice cold water, and transfer the moisture around the cloth. Use one corner to dab the stain and gently press blotting out the stain.

    After ever 2nd or 3rd press check to see if the stain is transferring. Continue this technique by using the different moist parts of the towel you soaked before to get out as much of the stain as possible. Some grasses are easier to get off than others, if you are lucky this might be the trick to full stain removal. If the staining no longer transfers onto the white towel move on to a spotter.

    There are stain specific spotters out there. Try and get a grass specific spot remover, but make sure its acidity is no more than 7pH. This is the acidity of water, so getting a spot remover with the same acidity means a safer cleaning experience. Apply the detergent directly on the grass stain and by using a clean, dry cloth blot the spotter into the fibers. Inspect often to see if the stain is transferring onto the towel and to see the condition of the yarn of the carpet. Blot and dap, do not rub as it will tangle the textile of the carpet, while effective at cleaning, rubbing will distort the fibers of the carpet and leave you with an odd clean spot that looks warn out.

  • Rinsing the spotter:
  • A 7pH spotter is not only safer, but also helps you avoid foaming and soaping of the fibers. To remove any leftover residue rinse with cold water and dab and blot dry using a clean, paper towel. If the stain still persist after all of this call a professional, chances are they will get it out fully seeing as you did most of the hard work.