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How to Clean Coffee Stains Out of Your Carpet

Coffee stainsCofea arrabica L. or the Cofea plant is a shrub plant which produces coffee beans with potent dyes, even when not roasted the beans can be used to dye hair, bricks and clothing. This is exactly why it’s important to act fast when there’s a coffee spill on your carpet, if let to set the dyeing properties of the roasted bean can be almost impossible to reverse.

There are several ways for you to deal with recent stains or even old ones, though, keep in mind that the older the stain is the harder it would be to separate it from the fibers of your carpet.

Be Fast

Don’t panic, but it’s important for you to act within 30 minutes of the spill otherwise it will become a dry stain and be a bigger hassle to remove. Here;s what you can do:

  1. Extract the moisture: To extract any moisture from a fibrous material, such as your carpet, use another fibrous material, such as a kitchen dish cloth or paper towels. The capillary action of the paper cloths, will draw any moisture making it easier for you to remove the dyes in the blemish.
    • Place the towels on the spill
    • Start applying gentle pressure – it allows the moisture from the stain to be transferred to the cloth or paper towel.
  2. Remove the dyes: Lemon juice or zest diluted in water will dissolve and break the bond between the alien pigmentation and that of your carpet, without harming the fibers or their colours. Use another dry cloth to remove that moisture.

    Remember: Depending on the severity of the stain you might have to use a combination of soapy water and half a lemon’s worth of juice to blot out the stain and remove it using the towel method mentioned above.

  3. Use a browning solution: Old stains, however difficult, are not impossible to extract fully. You might have to rely on some pretty hard hitting detergents like Prochem’s browning solution, or also know as their coffee remover. It does wonders on coffee stains, tea and any other brown liquid. It is an acidic spotter which dissolves the pigments in the dyes found in coffee beans the same way the lemon juice does in the first solution. It is more concentrated and suited for the cleaning of natural and synthetic fibers, allowing you to fully extract the stains using vacuum.

    Ways of use: The solution itself is safe for usage on any type of carpet fibers, with no toxic compounds or heavy chemicals in the mixture. Just to be safe use gloves when applying the browning solution. It comes in a spray bottle, properly proportioned meaning its ready to use, simply apply on the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water and use a towel to extract all of the leftover moisture inside the carpet. If you have a powerful vacuum which can extract moisture from fibers, use that instead as it will save you time and make a quick job out of it.

  4. Wash the carpet: If there is sugar into the coffee, the removal of the stain might be tougher, so washing the carpet isn’t that bad of an idea in such cases. If cleaning the entire thing seems a bit too much for a coffee stain, you can do the following:
    • Get some warm water and a detergent of choice
    • Clean the affected spot with a sponge
    • Don’t soak, dampen it!
    • Use small amounts of the detergent
  5. Get professional help: Consider professional aid for old stains, a good cleaning company will be done in no time and sometimes cost you less than a DIY solution.