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How To Clean Cat Urine Out of Your Carpet?

Cat urineIf having a cat, you need to be prepared for different emergency incidents like scratches, spills and stains. Smell is also a thing you need to take under consideration. Cats are indeed so cute and entertaining, but once they reach your home carpet, something dangerous is about to happen. Cat urine stain on the carpet is one of them.

The best tips for car urine stains removal – suitable for carpets only

The following tips are specially tailored and gathered for you, if you see or have a stain to remove from cat urine. If the stain is on your upholstery, some of these pieces of advice might not work or even worse – harm the furniture. But see now everything you need to know about cat urine cleaning from the carpets and rugs at home:

  • The sooner you act, the better. Old urine stains are harsh to be eliminated. And the smell of cat urine is really unpleasant. So probably, none of you wait, but will hurry to get rid of the cat urine stain on the carpet.
  • Besides the commercial cleaning detergents for carpets, you can also check out in pet stores, where different cleaning products are offered at good price and for any purpose.
  • Natural remedies against pet urine stains also work quite well. Try with vinegar that is fantastic in bacteria killing. Also, do not underestimate the idea to sanitize with dry remedies – borax, mild laundry detergents and baking soda.
  • The cleaning method for cat urine stain should be moisture-based, so mix the remedy from above with water – unlike you have a special dry commercial detergent.
  • Avoid rubbing the stain, but better blot gently and dry after each rinsing.
  • Sometimes, it might be not enough for a single effort to remove the dirt. Repeat the procedure with the mixture you have chosen till you see a result.

The cat urine stain is out, but what about the smell?

Just because you don`t see any stain anymore, does not mean it will not smell yet. The bad odor from pet spots can be tricky. They appear and disappear until you fully eliminate them. See how to do it:

  • Right after the cleaning procedure, sprinkle baking soda on a dry surface. Let it remain for few hours and then, vacuum.
  • Steam carpet cleaning procedure works just fine against cat urine odor.
  • Forget about carpet shampoos or perfumes. It will make the situation even worse.
  • Better use a commercial deodorizer for home purposes.
  • White vinegar, itself, as a cleaning solution is good in neutralizing bad odors, too.
  • Prepare green deodorizing remedy at home with distilled water, essential oils and mild all-purpose cleansing products.

Don`t be harsh on your kitty, but get rid of the urine stain simply with these great tips! It`s cheap and fast.