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How To Clean Carpet Stains With Vinegar and Iron

Cleaning with vinegarIf you are working on making your lifestyle healthier and more environmentally friendly, one of the key components used in every home or office which you should take into consideration are the cleaning solutions and products you use.

To use natural, healthier and environmentally safe cleaning methods, you need to rely on simple and cheap products such as white vinegar, baking soda and a few other home remedies.
One great tip for easy, efficient and perfectly safe carpet stain removal is by using some vinegar and an iron.

Simple steps for home caret cleaning with vinegar

  1. Remove any hard residue from the stain.
  2. Remove the excess liquid from the spill as soon as you can after it occurs
  3. Prepare a water and white vinegar solution – mix 2 cups of cool water and half a cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  4. Spray the stain.
  5. Place a clean cloth or towel on top of it.
  6. Iron it with an iron set on high heat and steam – this is like a mini steam cleaner for your carpet, and actually provides more and concentrated steam right to the spot of the stain than a real steam cleaner.
  7. Soon you should notice how the residue from the stain starts transferring to the cloth, as a result of the heat, steam and the vinegar. Gradually, the entire spilled stuff should be efficiently removed while you keep repeating the process of treating with vinegar and water and ironing. The vinegar is a great natural cleaning solution, and best of all it disinfects and keeps the carpet safe from running dyes or other damage during cleaning.

    Remember: If you have your doubts about your specific carpet or rug and how it will handle the vinegar and ironing treatment, you can always try it out on a small and hidden place on the carpet to see if there is any running of the dyes, or other negative effect, before proceeding to treat the actual stain.

    Multi use cleaning natural mixture

    After you are done, don’t throw away the vinegar and water spray – it can be used for all kinds of stains, as well as for general washing, disinfecting and polishing of windows, surfaces, floors, tiles, sinks, bathtubs, etc. In fact, this solution can replace a large number of the harsh chemicals you use in your everyday cleaning and washing chores at home.
    This will not only reduce the health hazards for you, your family and pets at home, but is a much safer cleaning option as far as the environment is concerned. Last but not least, this is one of the cheapest cleaning solutions you will find.

    So, next time you spill something on your carpet or upholstery, just dab up the excess spilled liquid or stuff. Do it carefully, so that the spill stays contained in that area. Then get your vinegar and water spray bottle, a clean cloth and heat up that iron. It is strangely satisfying to watch how the stain moves from the carpet to the towel just after a few minutes.

    The vinegar and water solution can be used for overall carpet cleaning as well, when it comes time for your carpet deep cleaning.