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How To Clean Your Carpet With Hydrogen Peroxide

Cleaning wine spot with H2O2Want to make your own carpet cleaning solution? Well, apart from the vinegar and water mixture followed by baking soda sprinkling, you can also clean your carpet and remove stains from it with the help of 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in this low concentration of 3% is perfect for dissolving the crystals of a pet or other urine or other protein stains on your carpet and upholstery. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and will help remove unpleasant odours from the stain.

Basic Steps for Cleaning with H2O2

  1. Pour a few spoons of baking soda into a spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and prepare the urine or vomit stain for treatment. You can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to your solution.
  2. Remove as much of the vomit or urine from the area as you can, to prepare the stain for stain and odour removal treatment. This can be done with a spatula, spoon or dustpan for vomit and with paper towels for urine.
  3. Spray the stain with the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture. You can gently rub it in the carpet or rug with a sponge, soft brush, fingers or other.

  4. Remove any excess liquid by blotting with a paper or cloth towel or using a water extraction vacuum cleaner and let it sit.
  5. Remove the excess baking soda with a vacuum cleaner after it has dried.

If the stain is still there, you can repeat the procedure.

This baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mix is also perfect for the removal of other tough stains from your carpet, like juice, red wine, and others.

Warning: You should never use higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide for carpet stain treatment because it can bleach the carpet and damage it permanently. Always try your carpet cleaning solution on a small inconspicuous place before going ahead and using it on the actual stain or on the entire carpet.

Stubborn Stains Removal With H2O2

To remove red wine spills with hydrogen peroxide, you should first of all blot out any excess wine very carefully so as not to spread the stain. Mix a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent or carpet shampoo with a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and apply it gently to the red wine stain on the carpet. Keep soaking and squeezing the sponge while applying the solution, until the stain is all gone and transferred to the sponge and the bowl. Blot and dry the spot with paper towels or a clean dry cloth.

You can also use the hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution to remove paint or ink stains from your carpet.

Baking soda is perfect for removing urine stains not only from carpets but from mattresses. Sprinkle the stained area and cover with nylon and let it sit for several hours. After that vacuum, the baking soda off and the odour should be gone along with the stain.