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How To Clean Carpet Glue Off Carpet

Cleaning glueIf you have somehow gotten carpet glue on your carpet pile, it may seem permanent and hopeless, but fear not – there are ways to get the carpet glue off of the surface of your carpet.

Always handle such a matter with care, so that you avoid dissolving the glue which is actually holding the carpet to the floor along with the unwanted glue you are treating.
In order to dissolve the carpet glue, you can use one of several options.

Commercial glue dissolvers

The first and possibly the safest one is to use a commercial glue dissolver such as “Goof off” to dissolve the glue. It is recommended to start by applying a little of the commercial adhesive removal product on a cloth and gently applying to the stained surface until the glue has been removed.

If the glue is still there, then you can use a clean cloth dabbed in a bit of lighter fluid and treat the remaining glue. The lighter fluid will cause the glue to be dissolved and soon you will notice how it is gradually transferred from the carpet to the cleaning cloth. Remember to keep blotting with a clean cloth dabbed in the liquid until the glue is gone from the carpet.

Always dab and never rub or scrub!

Going natural

Another natural and efficient solution for dissolving and removing the carpet glue from the pile of your carpet is vinegar.

  • Spray the stained area with vinegar
  • Let it set for a couple of minutes.
  • Start blotting gently with a clean cloth.

The glue should come off with the vinegar and get stuck on the cleaning cloth rather than on the carpet. After the area is cleaned, you should wash it with a cloth dampened in a water and soap solution or with carpet shampoo, and then finally should be rinsed off with a cloth dipped in clean water. Blot off as much of the water as you can with paper towels, or use a hair dryer or another drying method for quicker dying of the carpet, in order to avoid damaging it, or the floor beneath it.

Important: When you are treating the glue stain on the carpet surface, make sure you don’t oversaturate the area and don’t pour the dissolving solution on the carpet because it can be absorbed and can cause the actual glue holding it to dissolve as well. Also, when using any commercial glue and adhesive dissolver, make sure you open the windows and if possible wear a mask, because the fumes can be quite strong and harmful.

If the spot of glue is tiny, you can easily remove it from the pile of your carpet by carefully trimming the ends of the fibers on the spot.

If the glue just doesn’t seem to come out, you should probably inquire for an adhesive remover made by the glue manufacturer, or as an easier method, you could contact your local trusted professional carpet cleaning company to give you a lending hand in removing the carpet glue stains from your carpet.