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How To Clean Your Carpet From Fleas

Fleas in your homeIs your carpet infested with fleas and you want them gone? As an invasive parasitic species, fleas, just like mosquitoes and bed bugs, drink the blood of their victims, leaving an itching sensation. They bread rapidly, and can hide in hair, clothing and even your carpet if left unchecked. The most often way of transmission of these parasitic insect is through animals like sheep, cattle, goats, dogs, cats and so forth. While fleas do prefer animal hosts, they will transfer to human ones, though they will be a lot easier to spot due to their black shells and dried blood marks. How can you deal with them if they are in your home carpet?

Wash things thoroughly

Making sure to clean your dogs and cats is the first step. Wash their bedding, wash your clothing and use soapy water on your carpet to get rid of the fleas eggs, larva and any adult specimen. Although highly mobile, fleas dislike direct contact with water, though they flourish in damp, dark places. Water dazes them, if it’s hot water you can remove and kill off any larva and eggs, with incapacitated adults being extracted from the carpet alongside them.

Next, add lemon zest or a detergent of your choice for a refreshing cleaning and you get more than one job done. After the carpet is fully dried go over with a hoover, remove any leftover fleas, their carcasses or fecal matter. A high powered vacuum machine with steam capabilities is a perfect way of removing the pest, though a simple washing with warm soapy water will do the trick just as well.

Use anti-parasitic dog powder

If the fleas have been transmitted through your home pets and not farm animals, chances are your vet has prescribed you a powder that will kill off any ticks, fleas or other skin parasites that often dwell on pet furs. You can use this on your carpet, to guarantee an infestation free home, though it might be more work than it’s worth it. Use this only in cases where nothing else has, because the clean up is a mess and the smell that is left after the powder is administered is medicine, almost aspirin-like. To properly ensure that no larva or eggs are leftover, and to fully kill of adult specimen, use the powder and brush it between the fibers and into the base of the carpet using a brush or a broom. Leave the powder in for half a day and then, using a vacuum, remove the dust and carcasses.

Pro tip:This also works on other insects like ants, cockroaches and even spiders.

Opt for natural solutions

As a moisture loving species, fleas will utter despise you if the room or surface they live on suddenly becomes dry. You can dehumidify a room using dehumidifiers, use heat to dry your carpet or open a window during the summer to get rid of the moisture created by condensation. This will reduce the humidity in the room and your carpet by 50%, drying out larva, the eggs and killing of any adult. Simply go over with a hoover and your job is done.

Brew some herbs

Get some fresh rosemary, lilac, or basil and steep them in water for 2 hours. Strain any leafs and seeds, put the aromatic concoction in a spray bottle and spray your carpet, this will be a good deterrent against future infestations.

Get some professional help

If all of this fails you can always use professional cleaners to deal with these pests, after all they have the equipment and knowledge to ensure the results you are paying for. At the end of the day it’s your own decision.