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How To Clean Your Carpet – DIY Guide

This is a quick guide which details several effective methods of DIY home carpet cleaning, allowing you to do it all by yourself, without the help of expensive machines or detergents.

Carpet cleaning at homeAs a start you need to identify the problem, if it’s a stain you should approach it with caution, some blemishes are harder to remove than others. Accumulated dirt and foot traffic have their own specific methods, which may also help with a wide range of other household cleaning chores.

Dealing with stains

It’s highly unlikely that your entire carpet is stained, so identify the spots of interest and staining. For better results hoover the carpet and the affected areas. This gives you a nice clean surface to work with, and it removes the possibility of contaminating the stains even further. If it’s a new stain, acting fast is paramount to the ease with which you can remove them.

A fresh stain retaining its moisture can be mostly extracted using a hand cloth or a cotton towel. Fold the towel several times over to create a thick surface, place it over the stain and apply weight so the towel sinks into the stain. The fibers of the cotton in your towel will draw out the moisture of the stain and with it a big part of the colouring. Leave it for a couple of minutes and to the same with other stains. After 5-10 minutes you can remove the towel and show an almost clean surface.

This method varies in its effectiveness depending on thickness of the stain, how old it is as well as your towel. Use this as a first step or immediately after the stain has occurred.

Foot traffic and dirt accumulation

High traffic areas of your home are likely to be filled with fine dust and dirt particles clogging your carpets. There are relatively simple DIY methods of dealing with the unpleasant discoloration of dirt accumulation, most of them done with supplies you already have in your home. To fully clean you will need a hoover with strong suction, a wet cloth and a detergent which suits your carpet.

It is highly likely that there will be fine particles. To minimize your exposure and help yourself in the long run, use your hoover to clean the carpet. To achieve better results go against the grain. This will rustle the bristles, lifting them up which helps remove any trapped dirt underneath them. Go over the carpet several times to ensure that all particles are removed.

While the hoover does most of the work, there are still some leftover. Here is where the wet cloth comes in handy. Use it to go over the effected areas. The wetness of the cloth attracts even the finest of dirt and dust particles. Be sure to dampen the cloth before every passing, it removes the already gathered material and reapplies the active ingredient. If you want you can mix water and a detergent of your choice to get a nice, clean smell.

Remember: The effectiveness of these methods depends on the severity and condition of your carpets.

Act as soon as possible to minimize the binding time of the stain and its exposure to the fibers of the carpet. If your DIY methods cannot achieve the desired results, your best and safest bet is to contact a professional team which can clean for you. If you are lucky, you would have found a friendly cleaner, they usually have some good tips on home cleaning.